Lunes, Disyembre 31, 2012


Top: PP, Necklace: All Things Pretty, Sunglasses: F&H, Bag: Mango, Sandals: SM Dept Store

I have long been looking for that special cut out shoulder top but not anymore. It was just perfect timing that it fell on the same day of our pay day. Ha. Talk about good let me rephrase that perfect timing. I am pretty much stoked using something new like this, showing a bit of skin. The sunglasses was also new for me since I just got them from my brothers package. Another perfect timing that my fave rayban-like sunglasses retired on me. It live a full and useful life with me though. The bag was also a gift from my good friend/ LMF Tazz.

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P.S. Let's celebrate the New Year with a bang. I just did by making this as my last blog post for the year as it is also my last look on for the year. Lemme surprise you guys a Year End special post and New Year giveaway tomorrow and also the winners for my Polished! Nail Art Book Giveaway.
Happy New Year! 

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