Linggo, Hulyo 13, 2014

White Beach

I know summer ended a month ago but I can't help myself to share to you guys what made my summer awesome despite the fact that all my weekends last May was more exhausting than my work days. A part of this awesome summer was a weekend getaway with my friends at Calaguas. One of the newest beach stop in Bicol and before you know it would be the next big thing for Philippines tourist destinations.

But before you reach the white sand beach and calm vibe from the ocean waves, we spent two hours in a van ride to Daet, Camarines Norte and the agency fetched us and gave us a ride to the port at Vinzons, Camarines Norte which is about twenty minutes from Daet and from there we took a boat ride for another two hours. If you're coming from Manila, you'll add six hours for the whole trip. But despite the long hours of travel, it will all be worth it when you reach the island.

And for you guys to get a picture of what white beach sand, clear water and calm vibe from the ocean waves  looks like, I'm leaving you guys literally with pictures during the whole trip. But first, let me share to you guys what I wore on our first day. 

Top: Tiangge, Shorts: DIY, Cover up: Thrifted, Sun Hat: SM Dept. Store

I knew the sun would be really harsh since we left the port past 9am which we'll be arriving at the beach at almost 12 noon, so I opted for something breezy like this flowy top in white and a nice, comfy pair of denim shorts. I also grabbed a scarf, my boater hat and lace cover up for added protection from the sun besides sunblock. 

At night, they had this acoustic night where local artists perform, there were also fire dancers and a dj played music all through the night, or until the lights off at least. The next morning, we had an early breakfast and trekking up into the mountains. Then before lunchtime we were now on our way back to the port.

And as promised, I now leave you guys with pictures from the trip.

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Huwebes, Hulyo 10, 2014

Wash Day

Another new school year has opened and so is another year that I passed up on going back to school. It's not that I really need to, I just have this feeling that I will want to go back to school. But since I'm still enjoying my spare time from work I'd like to share to you guys ootds that can be useful for school days especially on ordinary wash days.

For this post I've compiled three different looks. Classic or laid-back, experimental and rock star.

If you read my back to school post last year, you should have known that I am not a big fan of wearing uniforms, especially our college uniform. That's why in college I usually go to school not wearing one. As much I want to stick to the rules and be a goody good girl, I tried to wear school appropriate clothes so I won't be easily noticed by our professors.  And it did work, based on experience that I was able to graduate even when I seldom wore my uniform especially on my last three years I've spent at school.

I've chose three looks that I would actually wear at school that is both comfy, stylish and school-friendly.

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Thrifted and Shoes: CLN

During lazy school days, no one will ever get wrong with shirt + jeans + flats combo. It was my favorite go-to back in my college days. But there would be days that I would like to look simple with an add-on confidence, I like trading my flats for a nice comfy pair of wedges or heels. Also, I want to keep my accessories simple by an arm candy and a nice statement necklace. I wasn't wearing a watch in the picture above but I must say every student needs to wear one. 

Top: Frou Frou, Pants: SM GTW Betty, and Shoes: CLN

At times when I feel a little lost inside, stressed from school work, I take it all out by experimenting with my style for school. One example of this is mixing odd stuff like prints and stripes. It's a bonus if it totally works and not getting that weird stares. 

Top: Local Dept.Store, Vest: Tiangge, Jeans: Penshoppe and Shoes: Vans

I don't usually go for the rockstar-ish look but what can I say, they're one of the comfiest and stylish clothes. This look is perfect for a rainy school day where the vest is not too warm for school unlike wearing jackets. But even with this look, you could still see the girly side of me. I can't help it. It's my signature style, pastel and feminine look this time with an added twist though.

For additional tips, I usually carry a small looking bag that you can fit a kitchen sink inside. Hahaha. What I mean you can carry lots of stuff with. It's to hassle to carry a small bag where there would be a 90% chance of leaving a thing or two behind that you really need for your schoolwork. Also,  invest on a comfy pair of shoes. It doesn't matter how much it costs or what brand name it is, as long as you've already proven and tested that it's comfy enough to last you for at least 8 hours and has a life span of at least 5 months. I must say for the ladies that you should also have this small pouch for your mini first aid kits like band aids and meds for pain relief and headache. It's nice that the school clinic is around but it's better to have your own.

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