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366 Days of 2012

The year 2012 has been such a blessing not only to me but also to my family. Thanks to Him, the odds were mostly in my favor. I have made my fair share of both success and failure last year. But I am definitely  thankful for both.

I am so thankful for everything. I want to share with you guys the highlight of my 2012.

Day 1 of 366: New Year's Day and My Dad's 9th Death Anniversary

Celebrating the first day of the year for our family is quite different from the rest because besides from the new year party with relatives, we get to remember our Dad on his Death Anniversary. It is quite a special day for us to visit our Dad at the cemetery where we share to him how our year went. Surely, he's pretty proud not only with me and my siblings but also with our Mom being both the mom & dad and for doing such a great job.

Day 22 of 366: My little sister, Ara turned 18

This was definitely a special day for the family celebrating my sister's 18th. She actually had this mini concert which was a dream come true for her. It is the best time for family to get together, and of course food. I also got a small part for her concert where I got to dance with my cousin Ina, who's a Ballet Manila scholar, for one of my sister's song number. I must say I messed up a lot but with family and relatives around watching, there's no need to worry or to be embarrassed 'cause no matter how awful you did, they would always praise you for a great job. Hahahah. That's how we love each other.

My sister was teasing me while she introduced me to the audience

The family during the event

Day 53 of 366: My 21st Birthday

It was such a hectic day for me. Even though I didn't have a class that day I was quite in a full schedule. First, is our yearbook photo shoot which took the whole day for me as I went to school late. Then, was my birthday lunch with family and close friends. Next, I was assigned to cover for our JPIA president for judging the talent competition of JPIA- ADNU's Mr. and Miss AOG 2012. Such a surreal experience for me. And lastly, I get to have a dinner date with my LMFFs; Kae, Tazz and Fianne.

For our yearbook photoshoot

Me and my sister

My sister's gift to me

Me with my dod Jen and Lab eating my birthday cake

Dinner date with LMFFs

Day 64 of 366: Senior's Ball

Even when I was supposed to get a day of beauty rest to get ready for the event, I enjoyed the whole day prepping the venue with my co-graduating officers. I actually only had 2 hours to have some rest and prep myself for it. But it was all worth it, because I spend it with them.

One of the reasons why I study for school because they do. A lot! haha

Some of the graduating class officers for CBA Dept

With my Dods

Day 84 of 366: Graduation

I was all giddy in the morning and was devastated for the Graduation proper. I was late and never got to join the Graduation march or even hear the complete speech of our commencement speaker Sen. Teofisto Guingona III. I feel embarrassed with what I have done but it ended well with a dinner out with my family.

With my high school classmates

Getting my diploma and loyalty award

With my dearest Mommy

With my cousin Rhona and my sister Ara

Dinner at Bob Marlin

Accountancy and Financial Accounting Graduates

Day 108 of 366: The most awaited Phone call

I was at the mall with a hang out with fam. Then, my phone rang. Someone from Phil Trust bank called me that I am going to have my final interview and exam in a few days at the head office. This was definitely one of the best and happiest day of my existence.

Day 111 of 366: Nailing it!

The day of final interview has come. I accomplished a number of exams, then the one who passed will be up for a medical exam then when you get through with it the dundundun, final interview. I was soo nervous I didn't know what was going to happen. And then in the afternoon, I was officially employed. It all happened too fast I can't even...Just surreal.

Day 122 of 366: Start of Something New

This was actually very memorable because I get to start my training as a bank teller.

Day 131 of 366: Mother's Day with Vasquez sisters and my nephew

It was a very nice experience living independently in a pretty scary place. Spent the afternoon with my nephew, Ate Regine, Ate Cathy and Ate Vieanne. Such nice people, felt like a family to them. We went to the Manila Zoo which was actually my first time to. Then, had dinner at MOA.

Day 147 of 366: MOP with Family

My family was on summer school break so they were able to visit me over the weekend. They stayed at the Pius Hotel where me and my co-trainees were also staying. It was there last day of visit so we went somewhere we'll all enjoy. So we decided to go to the Manila Ocean Park.

Feeding the Koi

Day 154 of 366: Blogger's United Bazaar 3

Of course, this was definitely one of the biggest highlight of my year. I blogged about it here.

I would never waste a chance not to get a pic with them

Day 174 of 366: Branch Opening

I  already blogged about it here.

Day 222 of 366: My Myx Video Request

My video response for My Myx got aired. I was supposed to take a video or picture of it but I got too overwhelmed. It was cool watching myself on tv.

Day 278 of 366: Letter of Regular Appointment

The moment me and my officemates; Julie and Krys are waiting for. Finally, five months of being on probationary is finally over. Our letter of regular appointment came.

That was just few of the biggest highlights of my 2012. Thank you for everyone who gave their part for me to reach this far. I know 2013 will be bigger and better.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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