Linggo, Disyembre 9, 2012

Girl's Night Out

Dress: Galaxy Point, Bag: Primadonna, Bangles: F2M and Shoes: So!Fab

It has been a while since I bonded with my lovies. We've all been busy with a lot of things after graduation and it's really nice to catch up with them once in a while. We just had dinner and milk tea after. This is what I wore except for my cage shoes. I just wanted to add drama so I wore this for my lookbook post. Anyway, I usually go out with just a pair of jeans and comfy top but when I realized that I always don't get a memo about wearing shorts I decided to wear a short dress instead of the usual. So, Yay! me for finally wearing something short on a night out.

Animal prints always have this sexy perspective on a silhouette so I just chose the print in grey to keep it more classy. It was definitely a challenge for me to wear loud prints like this. So, Yay! me Since I was going home late, I had with me my old trusty cover up and wore flats of course.

You can hype this look here.

This ladies are my most favorite persons in the world ever. I always feel happy and excited whenever I'm with them. I don't have to hide a thing from them and I really enjoyed this night with them. So for you guys to see how I enjoyed myself, I now leave you with the snapshots taken during our dinner and tea time. (I miss you Tazz, Kae and Fi! <3 Ulitin natin 'to this December!)

Me, Kae, Tazz and Fi 
Tazz and I at Shakey's
Me and Kae
Done with Dinner
I didn't get the memo na wacky
Yay! Finally complete. Me, Kae, Fi and Tazz 

At dahil wala yung official photographer namin,
we took turns na lang

At Beanbag. We left when we can't connect
with there wifi

Me and Kae at Beanbag

At moonleaf naman :)
Waiting for our drinks
Loving Jasmine Milk Tea 
Before leaving dapat may complete group shot :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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