Linggo, Disyembre 30, 2012


Dress: MS, Blazer: Thrifted, Belt: SM Accessories,
Necklace: My Aunt's and Shoes: Parklane

So Mom found the perfect peplum dress and was doing my happy dance after what she told me. I am quite amazed by this trend. It gives ladies who loves dressing up not to worry on getting a tummy. Hahahah. Especially, when you get a black one. It is actually my current secret weapon for the "gaining weight issue" and "larger than life tummy". I know it is upsetting gaining weight when you never intended too but in fashion there will always be a solution and it is called peplum. (In my case)

Hype it on here

I actually felt the office look vibe so I paired it with a blazer I intended on using during my training but never get to use it. Thank God for a branch manager that allows a wash day, I was able to use them.

Sleek vibe on a side view

I also went overboard with my hair. So I tried another braided up do.

Much Love,
Glitter kisses! xxx

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