Sabado, Pebrero 28, 2015


I know I've been sharing how happy my 2014 was but never found the best words to describe or get something to call it. Until I stumble upon Colbie Caillat's playlist on Spotify. I've always been a CC fan because how flawlessly she sings her songs and how the meaning of the songs are deeply expressed, plus, I could sing along (with feelings and without having difficulty). I came across this songs I wasn't familiar with but loved it anyway. I actually added a few songs to my already long list and one of the songs I truly loved was Rainbow.

I just had a lightbulb moment when I listened carefully with the lyrics of the song. It's a perfect fit for me when I was waiting for my shining moment. Right now, I'm pretty much contented and happy with my own version of pot of gold.

It's not because it was Valentine's day weeks ago that I came up with this post. I just wanted to share my thoughts on how we get to truly enjoy having someone or something we chose and deserve to be happy with. Just like when we choose what we wear on an ordinary day or not, it's not just about choosing the right one but also considering other things like your feelings, the weather, the occasion, the place where you are going to, the type of people you are going to be with, the time of the day, the mode of transportation you are going to use, and the list goes on.

Like dressing up for work on a wash day, I considered the expected volume of transactions for that particular day. I don't want to get my dressing up in the way of my work.

Blazer: Thrifted, Top: Tiangge, Jeans: Penshoppe,
Necklace: 168 mall, Shoes: A Girl's Haven

I settled for a simple ensemble for a day at work. A comfy neutral tank top, layered with a blazer in a soft hue, paired with a nice fitting pair of jeans, added a statement necklace matching the color of the blazer and a pair of rockstar looking pointy shoes, that are both stylish and work-appropriate.

It was a catch up dinner time with college friends who had a break from work in Manila and spent their weekend home. If I had the time to change this day into night look, I would have changed my bottom into a bodycon skirt, wore my hair down and settled for a simpler statement necklace. What do you think of that idea? (I now have a plan for my coming posts. *wink!)

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
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Much Love,