Huwebes, Oktubre 30, 2014

A Change of Heart

To travel and to see the world, has always been my life long dream. May it be locally or internationally, getting to visit new places and discovering different culture and heritage always give this incredible feeling of happiness, although I haven't been to that many adventures just yet.

The last time I've had a mini adventure was two months ago when I was able to visit my relatives in Singapore. A mini vacation away from home was what I've been planning for months. At first, I was not that sure that I will be able to fly out of the country this year, thanks to my brother who's based in Singapore, he helped me out during my few days stay there. He planned everything for my visit. A day dedicated for Universal Studios Singapore and the rest of Sentosa. And another one for more touristy stuff like a walk at the Merlion Park and a little time for shopping and trying the foods you could only try in the metro. I have the last day all for myself by bonding with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Eli, before my late afternoon flight back to Manila.

And this post is dedicated to my USS visit. I'm no big fan of amusement parks, long waited lines that I can never be patient of (except when paying for my bills and Christmas shopping *wink*), terrifying and heart-stopping rides. But this experience totes gave me a change of heart.

We weren't able to try all the rides since it was packed when we visited. We tried just three (3); Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, and Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. We've also watched the Monster Rock Musical, some street shows featuring the Madagascar characters, Rockafellas, The Cruisers, Mel's Dinettes and a lot more. We even had lunch in the ever so famous Mel's Drive-In. I've even had pictures taken with some fave movie characters.

Enough with the storytelling, let me share to you guys the pictures from my mini adventure. Scroll away!

And my mini adventure started on a beautiful Thursday morning, perfect weather and all.
Was in awe with the squirrels hopping from tree to tree.

Finally arriving at the Sentosa Boardwalk, and it made me realize that I was up for a long walk.

The first thing that caught my eye upon the entering the park.

Considering my brother already booked for the theme park on a weekday, it was pretty crowded I must say.

I've always loved The Sesame Street and I can't leave the place without a picture.
This was actually a new addition to the park. The ride was pretty much for kiddos though.

I heard this was a pretty cool ride,
too bad the line was too long and was freaking hot.

Oh how I wished I was able to take a picture with Donkey or Puss.

At the front view of the Far, Far Away palace.

One touristy pose in the middle of the park (check!)

We had our lunch at Mel's Drive-In, late lunch actually.
We had so much fun sight-seeing we forgot about the time. It was already 2pm at this time. 

Besides the Universal Studios, we also went to the white sandy beaches; Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong. This was the time when my feet were about to give up.

We were burnt out at this time, so went back straight to the train station. We stopped by at the mall and felt alive again.

I wouldn't survive this full day of adventure if I wasn't wearing breathable and comfortable clothes. This high-waist pants, flowy top and comfy sandals are life-savers. I actually have fashion tips for singapore travel which will be up for my next post.

I grabbed the opportunity for this old New York City background while everyone was busy watching the street show. It felt and looked real for me.

Top: Be More Fab, Pants: SM GTW's Betty,
Shoes: Forever 21 and Bag: Cath Kidston

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Much Love,

Lunes, Oktubre 13, 2014

Color your Mood

I think we all have to have the bad days in order to love the good days even more.

The quote I've remembered (roughly) from the movie trailer of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. Have you ever experience waking up one morning feeling that everything seems wrong? Well, I have, just this morning (I drafted this two Thursdays ago). Waking up in the morning with a bad mood instantly makes some days a wreck, but not for me. Being reminded with the abovementioned quote that very morning, I knew that I would have to make a turn around for me to perform at my best. It served as a refresher for me to appreciate even the littlest of things and choosing what your day would be, like coloring your own mood.

I do a lot of things for me to turn my frown into a smile. If you guys love the things like I do, you can browse online shops. There's never a dull moment with online shopping especially when you get that first dibs on the hottest trends and the hassle-free transaction that comes with it. I happen to came across Zalora and they have a big range of clutch purses. You might want to check them out here.

Another thing that I enjoy is to read a book, you can visit your school or even the public library for the newest good read. They surely have the new set of books you've been saving up for the school year. You could also find good reads that may not be available online. Yes,  there are still things not found online. *wink*

If you enjoy sharing your thoughts and can't contain yourself on telling the story behind your ootd, you could blog like me or you can simply post a picture on ig and put deets as a caption.

Simple things like this could lead your bad mood into a good one. It can even lead to a new blog post just like mine. And there's no way to end this post without sharing to you guys one of my ootds. Drum roll please, behold another dramatic post leading to sharing my ootd. *insert slow clapping self here*

Top and Vest: Tiangge, Shoes: Primadonna

Oh how I love great transition posts just like this. And it's prolly my fave, to date. Anyway, we had a free day before the festivities in Naga City happened and so we grabbed the opportunity to visit our grandparents and swung by the mall, too.

I wore something chill and finally braved wearing boyfriend jeans. I'm now a fan and love pairing them with layered crop tops. For this particular outfit though, I've went with something laidback and chic streetstyle, sort of. I've chose white and denim as the theme for the whole look. I've also added sparkly stuff here and there with a statement necklace and my glitter oxfords. And yes, I've posed with the ever so famous SM Youth Bus. They've joined in the celebration of the Penafrancia Fiesta and stayed for a week in the city.

Don't you just love the colorful vibe of the bus gave emphasis on how clean and minimalist I have gone with my look? Just like how each and every one of us can color someone else's mood. After getting your mood colored, look around and help color someone else's. Let them be reminded that we're not having bad days, we just have days that we think of the negative things  more instead of the positive one's. Go ahead and be someone else's ray of sunshine or rainbow after a rain (just like a song. Haha!)

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,