Miyerkules, Agosto 28, 2013

Writer's Note

I was supposed to blog about this the last night but got side-tracked that I remembered that I had to finish The Carrie Diaries this week, which I was able to tonight. :D

I started this new hobby of reading a book or a series of books at least every month for this year. So far, I have unfortunately just *almost* read two series: E.L. James' Fifty Shades Trilogy and Kiera Cass' The Selection Series. I've inserted the word *almost* since the latter is yet to publish the last book next year.

To make up for months of not doing my reading assignments, I decided to start again with Candace Bushnell's The Carrie Diaries (that I just finished) and now (as in, this very minute) Summer and the City. I think I'll be able to finish the latter before the month ends since I'm already planning on reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians. I started reading the first book and dozed off even if I tried so hard to picture Logan Lerman in my head. I'll try my luck next month which is coming in a few days. You must have asked yourself (or not) if why bizarrely insert my new hobby of reading when I have to blog about what I wore to my good friend's wedding? I'll get to you in that one, in a jiffy.

I have always been a big fan of female authors. Have you guys noticed? I unintentionally only read series of well, female authors. J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyer, Alexandra Moss, Sophie Kinsella, E.L. James, Kiera Cass and the list goes on. I would have used the word writer but after reading Kiera Cass' interview for Meg, author is more legit. While reading The Carrie Diaries I realized how I still dream of becoming a writer. To write in fashion magazines to be exact. I even remembered countless times when I would apply year after year for Candy's Council of Cool but gave up in the end to the fact that I haven't got enough writing experience to equip me. The only experience I had was being one of the contributors for our school paper back in elementary. Even joined the annual press conference but lost because I was trained for Copy Reading and Headline Writing but competed in News Writing (Filipino) for they have to make room for someone else in dispose of well, me. Yeah, I have that kind of dreadful thing going on all throughout my years in school. Glad it's over! (Now you know why I hated school) People around me who protected me from all these called it as "not destined for me". But I've got tons of words to call it. A few: rejections, failures, disappointments, heartbreaks but most of the time blessings in disguise. As I grew up through the above-mentioned, Lord has signed me up for somewhat close to being one (writer). My letters to magazines were published. I have five published letters for Candy Mag and one for Chalk. And blogging is the closest thing I could get, for now.  But I refuse to claim "blogger" as a title until I have comments to reply to or even followers (So please do leave a comment or two below, I'd love to hear from anybody. Hahahahah). Enough about the drama. Let's move on to my answer to my own question (wayyyy) above.

This ensemble I worn to Fianne's wedding actually reminds me of a writer. Something put together but still fun to look at. If I just added a crisp white blazer and put my hair in a bun secured with a pencil, it would totes look writer-ish. Okay maybe not, the first thing that comes to my mind is a librarian, then a writer. Lol. Also a book lover.

I planned months ago that I'll be using this maxi dress for the wedding but opted to wear a simpler peplum top and skirt combo since the dress was a bit too beach wedding peg. I actually got the skirt just a week before the event when my Mom went shopping. I went across this skirt and fell in-love with it instantly, just like that. I have always been wanting to get myself any bottom in a houndstooth print. And when this skirt came along, I  got so happy that it was more than what I've asked for (Imagine, a houndstooth print in gold). I paired it with a gorge peplum lace top from SM GTW's Betty for added classic touch to break the metallic pieces that I used to accessorize for it not to dominate the whole look.

I was that happy with this ensemble. And to the fact that on that very same day, Fianne would be fulfilling every girl's dream which is to spend the rest of her life loving someone and him loving her back with the blessing from up above, from Him. I must say that I have always been a hopeless romantic and being part of this special day for my friend is undeniably heartwarming.

This was actually my fave part. When the door of the church finally opened and Fianne starts to walk down the aisle to the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Sporting a very elegant wedding gown made by my cousin, Cocoy Ebio (shameless plug). I was in awe-struck all throughout that moment. Also, had a minor part in the ceremony by being a reader again. Pun not intended. Reader, as in, lector in church. I have been one during the summer before I entered high school.

Anyway, this moment wouldn't be quite as more special by sharing it with my diamond fam (well, at least 8.33333% of the population) namely Tazz, Mark and Lovely (of course, my forever lakwatcha buddy). Also met pretty Sarrah, Mark's girlfriend. All photos starting with this one above are owned by her. *wink*

As this post gets longer than ever. Let me just leave you guys with pictures we had from Sto. Domingo Church to the Shangri-La Restaurant (West Avenue).

And of course, I'll finish this post with a group picture with the newly wed couple. Soo happy for both of them <3

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

Martes, Agosto 20, 2013


I tend to overdress a lot nowadays especially that I only get to take outfit pictures and dress up a bit on weekends. But two weekends ago was a special one, because we celebrated my Mom's birthday. I accompanied Mom throughout the afternoon while she went cray, cray shopping and while we wait for my siblings' finish their commitments in school/work before we have the birthday dinner. That's the advantage onfworking on office hours, you get holidays observed by the offices and breaks on weekends. 

It was a special day for Mom so I wore something extra special too.

I've planned this ensemble for months now. But I haven't found the right time to wear it until two Saturdays ago. You guys know how uncomfy I am when it comes to edgy pieces but now that I want to learn more I am now open to work on other styles besides the classic, girly girl and preppy.

I've already blogged about this top here. Got it on sale from Binkydoodles. There are two things why I love this top. First, is the wonderful and artistic print of the material. Very calming to the eyes. The second, is the shoulder cut-out. I don't have very pretty shoulders but every time I wear something showing them off makes me feel good about them. They're prettified with shoulder cut-outs. Anyway, I paired this gorge top with the leather skater skirt that I also blogged about here. So this would prolly now be called Weekender:The Repeat. But srlsy, repeating clothes is not a crime. It's actually a way to get your creative mind work and also to save money for much more important things like a new pair of shoes. Kidding!

If I paired this with a pair of sneaker wedges and a snap-back it would prolly scream bad-a**. But since I have yet to invest for a pair sneaker wedge I'll stick with this cutesy ensemble. I'm looking forward to that day when I will be able to wear one.

Anyway, I'll just leave you guys with a collage that happened throughout the night.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


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Sabado, Agosto 10, 2013


Weekend off with my colleagues. I wanted to wear something casual but still put together. I was having difficulties on what to pair this striped bottom with so I stayed with the safest which is white. I have been on safe mode for the sake of well, saving time. I've been up and down lately and honestly I'm having a hard time making decisions which includes what to wear. So please bear with my sloppy outfit posts including this one, although I still find it blog worthy. I tribute this post to the most comfiest pants I've experienced to date hence the title.

These high-waisted striped pants were with me for months now. Got it from SM Department store under SM GTW brand: Shopaholic. I had my eye for these pair months before. And then a 3 day sale came in and got them for half its original price. After three days, the rest of the pants were sold for the original price. So imagine the joy when I finally got them. Although part of being so overwhelmed was getting the wrong size. I did get to fit them but the size small was too small for me so I got the next size which has an allowance. Imagine a crazy sale and I still got to try them out. Anyway, after getting the wrong size I repaired it by myself equipped with my sewing skills I learned from my mom and school. It was okay but I don't think I'll be able to use it with a tucked-in shirt or top hence the lousy top I used above which made it a bit sloppy.

In this outfit I also got to use my fave glitter oxfords. No longer my fave though since after hanging out with Mom at the mall wearing these pair for the whole afternoon, my feet were crying in pain. I suggest not to use a similar pair for strolling in the mall. They're quite deadly. At least for our toenails. Also used another current fave which is my acrylic bead accessories also from SM Accessories. I've warned you guys you'll be seeing more of it.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it although this is the shortest one I've posted if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, feel free to leave comment(s) below. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


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P.S. I have a banat na pahabol.

Me: Knock, knock
You: Who's there?
Me: Striper
You: Striper who?
Me:Striper, no Stripey (2x)
Striper: Oh maaaan!


Huwebes, Agosto 1, 2013


I still can't believe a brand new month is here. That only means my countdown for my most favorite time of the year is getting nearer and nearer. Also, my Mom's birthday is coming up in a week. Gasp! Need to plan something special fast. I still owe you guys the rest of my J.Cuppacakes adventure a.k.a. trying the new flavors out which I lined up for the coming weeks/months. Lol. I was suppose to update this blog last night but since it was raining cats and dogs, our internet connection gave up on me again. We need to change our ISP asap.

Anyway, let me share to you guys what I've worn on a Sunday afternoon with my fambam to watch a movie. BTW, the movie we've watched was Pacific Rim which was not that bad at all despite the awful feedback online. It actually gave this new promised entertainment on the whole alien invasion vs. humans with a modern twist.

Shirt: YRYS, Skirt: Pretty Witty Stuff, Belt: SM Accessories,
Bag: Dooney & Bourke and Shoes: Tomato

This picture was actually taken almost a month ago but decided to blog about it just now since I'll be repeating the skirt I've worn in BU5 here. I've once dealt with this skirt and took it on a more casual and almost put together way by pairing it with a neon peplum top. Now, I've went out of my comfort zone and tried to look a bit edgy by staying with black, white and gray. Hence, the title. Okay. This may not be acceptable for being edgy to some but to me it already is. Especially working with dull color schemes. 

For it not to look boring, I paired it with three key pieces. One is the metal belt a.k.a. my "superhero belt" that I got from SM Dept. Store. It has super powers especially when matched with black and white pieces. It is also my prime suspect for people to stop and stare at me. 

Another key piece is the "lakas maka- school girl" DB leather backpack I got from my Aunt. Although it has school girl peg written all over it, I actually wasn't able to use this back then for school. You see. Accounting textbooks are ginormous that I couldn't fit a single book in it. Lol. I remembered complaining in my freshmen year why I carry loads of stuff and others carry almost none but got over it when I learned about their grades. Hhi

And last key piece is my semi-gladiator sandals in white and gold. I got it half of its original price in Tomato.ph on their clearance sale. I bought these pair months ago and was able to use it for the first time in this outfit post. Debut peg naman itong isa.

I finished the ensemble with a long chain necklace with a flower pendant in black, that I got as a gift for my birthday from my good friend Kate, and also a stack of bangles. Went minimal with the rest of my accessories since the belt and printed skirt combined already gave a chemical reaction a.k.a. getting a lot of weird stares, as expected.

If you noticed, I went all natural with no make-up on. Not even a face powder. Kidding! I was just in a hurry to take my outfit shot because the dark clouds are about to pour in, thus with the no make-up and still wet hair look. Although, I must admit that it kind of worked well with the whole look. I think.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Anyway, feel free to leave comment(s) below. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)


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