Lunes, Agosto 20, 2012

Past Lookbook Posts and the stories behind them

Let me share to you guys the story behind every outfit I posted in lookbook years ago. I started this blog just last year when I already posted a number of looks in lookbook in the previous years. So last night I decided to make a blog post dedicated to my past looks, all compiled.

Summer Class Outfit
Crissa Collared Shirt, Yellow Short Shorts and White Sneakers
This was waaaay back in my Sophomore year in college Summer class 2009. This was actually the first time I've worn a short shorts in school and as expected a lot were in shock. My good friend Lovely and I talked about wearing short shorts to school and finally decided to go for it. As expected, we got teased that we look like were going to an outing or something and our professor noticed it too and called for our attention. They were even in shock that we got in the campus. Hahaha. HYPE IT HERE

Casual Day Dress
Accessorize Flower Headband, Rayban Sunglasses, Next Dress,
Coach Bag, and White Semi Gladiator Wedge
This was in 2010 when we got back home from church during Christmas Day and visited my Dad, Lola Jean and Lolo Julio at Sto.Nino Memorial Park. This was also the time when I got depressed with my prelim exam that decided to get a bob/apple haircut right after the exam. hehehe. It turned out okaay naman. (My haircut and not the exam.LOL) Got a lot of praises about it. Anyway, I fell in love with this dress months before I want to use it. My mom bought this for me during October when I intentionally wanna use it for our Christmas party but ended up using it as a Sunday dress instead. HYPE IT HERE

Hippie Bohemian
WWW Feather Headband, Checkered Romper,
and Parisian Beaded Ankle Strap Sandals
Remember the dress above that I intentionally bought to be used for our Christmas party but never happened? Well, this romper was the reason behind. The location of our party was at the rooftop of our Inay Jem's house and we would be using a ladder to be able to go upstairs. I thought that it would be inappropriate for me climbing this ladder wearing a casual dress so I chose this romper that will not expose things that shouldn't be exposed. It was actually a right timing since feather headbands was a hit back then that we got one in red with black spots that perfectly goes with my romper. HYPE IT HERE

Vintage Polka Dots ang Drama
Vintage Tube Polka Dot Dress and Shoesies
My sister was going to have her very first photoshoot with her CSG family with the theme vintage and this was the dress my mom bought for her. She wasn't around when my mom got it. So I tried to fit it instead for her. Grabbed the opportunity for an outfit shot and voila! A new lookbook post for me. HYPE IT HERE

Glittering Night
Black Dress used as Top, Glitter Pink Tutu,
Sequined clutch bag and Lace Peep Toe Heels
I got really happy when I got the invitation for my lil sister Fi's debut. (I consider Fianne my classmate as my lil sister ) I immediately searched for cute tutus online the moment I imagined a concept for me to wear, and found the Forever21 Ballet Tutu collection. It was all about using ballet tutus even if you're not a ballet dancer. I chose to wear a bold color top to break the glittery shimmery tutu. HYPE IT HERE

Sunday Best
Grey Dress used as Top, Printed sheer skirt,
White garterized belt, and Cream pumps
Wore this to church. Bought the skirt from a thrift shop and was challenged how to use it since it doesn't have any lining. This grey dress was to the rescue that I bought on sale in Pacific Mall I find it too dressy so decided to wear it for a Sunday mass with family. HYPE IT HERE

Cocktail Princess
Violet Sweetheart tube dress, Sequined belt,
Tiara and Silver grey heels
Found this picture when I was rummaging with my files years ago. This was during our Seniors's Night in March 2008 and decided to post it on lookbook. This dress was first worn during my Miss High School pageant. It used to have flowers on the top part but took it off after deciding to wear it for S'Night. Really felt like a princess here wearing a cute tiara. HYPE IT HERE

Summer Sunshine
SM Accessories Hat,Floral sleeveless top, Blue polka dot high waist shorts,
Brown braided leather belt and Cream pumps
Got excited for summer so I created this look during my free time. This is what I wanted to wear but never happened. Hehehe. It was too dressy kasi for the hot weather but wished I did wore it. The bag looks soo good with the shoes, top and belt. HYPE IT HERE

Summer Sunshine I
SM Accessories Hat, Dark blue top,
Blue Polka Dot High Waist Shorts, Brass Owl Necklace,
Tomato's Cream Sandals with flower and pearls
And this was reality with my summer attire. This was during the Holy Week. I even saw Tippy Dos Santos here at CWC. I opted for a more simpler look and of course with a very cute sun hat because it was really hot at that time. HYPE IT HERE

Kung Fu Panda
SM Accessories Hat, Alixandre Floral Top,
Dooney & Bourke bag, Denim Jeans,
and Crocs Hello Kitty close shoes
This was during our trip to Macau. This panda was located in front of the Historic Centre of Macau. I'm posing like I'm kicking back the panda. hehehe. It took me 15 mins to climb the stairs to reach this area. It was really hard for me since my shoes here at this time was only a day old. But it was all worth it. I had so fun during this vacation. HYPE IT HERE

Floral Dream
Alixandre Floral top, Bubble Gum Floral bangles,
White Leather bag, Purple Tights
and White Cork wedge
Felt soo girly at this time that I went to church and the mall wearing this. I know, a lot of eyes staring at me but hey, deadma lang me 'cause I felt so comfortable wearing this outfit. HYPE IT HERE

Vintage Floral
Floral Head piece, Black Blazer, Bubble Gum bangles,
Brass jeweled long necklace,
and Crocs Hello Kitty Rubber Flats
I got the dress from a thrift shop and quickly decided to wear it last year for the RVC-JPIA General Assembly night at Tanchuling Hotel in Legaspi City. We had dinner here with fellow JPIAns all over bicol region where the induction of RVC officers were held and also a party after. Btw, on the way to the event I made this awesome headpiece. Feeling the boho vibe here. HYPE IT HERE

Hippie Yippie
Floral Head piece, Brass jeweled long necklace, Ombre top with sequins.
Floral pencil skirt, Orange Socks and Parisian booties
This was during our Acquaintance Party the USG threw for to open the new school year 2011 to 2012. The theme was vintage. I even consulted Fashion Editor Sam of Candy magazine via email and she responded with a list of links I can reimagine my outfit with and came up with this. HYPE IT HERE

Shades of Blue
Floral dark blue top, Braided headband,
Brown braided leather belt, Blue polka dot high waist shorts
and Toms Blue striped wedge
I was going to my friends birthday party with this on a hot sunny weather. I love how the colors cooled down everyone around me. The total outfit was really comfortable. It also suits for the party since my friend Aicah's fave color is blue. HYPE IT HERE

Sunny and Hot Afternoon
SM Accessories hat, Printed butterfly sleeved top,
Faded denim skinny jeans and Blue abaca wedge
This is what I wore for the Traslacion 2011 minus the heels 'cause I know there is going to be a lot of walking and standing. It wouldn't be appropriate if I'd wear heels. Also the sun hat since it was raining when we rode the jeepney. HYPE IT HERE

Sweet Serendipity
Alixandre Pink Top, Redhead Polka dots skirts,
and Crocs Hello Kitty flats
It was a typical Sunday outfit. Something to wear for church and strolling in the mall after. But this outfit served more of its purpose. It was my cousins' birthday at that time and went to the party with this. Got a lot of compliments and was really happy about the outcome. HYPE IT HERE

White Top with fringe details, Blue Polka Dots high waist shorts,
Blue floral bangles, Pearl bracelet and White Wooden wedges
I have long waited for the day to post a collage picture and this was my very first collage post. My look is all about looking cute, dainty, very well put together and of course neat. White is one of my fave colors, that's why most of my shoes and clothes are white. It gives me the sense of not giving an effort to pull off a look since it looks good with almost every thing. HYPE IT HERE

Late Christmas from Me <3
Silver headband, Dark blue dress with stripe details,
and Parisian Gray bow wedges
This was during our JPIA Day celebration at school. I hosted the Mr. & Miss JPIA event in school that's why I'm a bit too dressy. This was taken in front of the Avenue Square when me and my friends; Lab, Tazz, Fi, Kae and Darel went out after our school event. Decided to post this as a Christmas greeting since the background says it all. HYPE IT HERE

And that's about it friends. My lookbook posts in 2011 in one blog post. Can you believe that?
For my next posts. One by one, I'll blog about my 2012 lookbook posts which tackles the story behind them. I feel so relieved that I finished this. I thought it was going to take forever. Anyway, did you guys like my outfit posts? Then hype 'em, hype 'em and hype 'em. Just click the pictures and it will take you to the lookbook post page. Enjoy! I love sharing it with you guys.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xx

P.S. Do you guys own a lookbook too? leave a link of your page by commenting below. And I would be glad to check them out :D

Huwebes, Agosto 16, 2012

All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi

If you guys read my previous blogs I talked about my love for accessorizing and fashion in general. And I'd like to share to everyone my love and passion through an accessories online shop. Me and my sister launched this sort of online store in facebook here. I added the "sort of" since the first few transactions we had was before we launch the store online. Anyway, we decided with the name All Things Pretty because when we handpicked all the accessories I can't stop saying the words pretty. Like every sentence coming out of my mouth is "Awww. Ang pretty!" or "Omg. This is soooo pretty". Hahahha. Yeah, I'm that weird. Behind the AnDi & ArDi story, it comes from the first two letters of me and my sisters First and last name. (Though I used my second name <also called as middle name in other country>, 'cause GeDi sounds weird and I promised to use Anne in the fashion world. Yeah. that ambitious.)

All Things Pretty started with a few pieces of statement and classic pieces that will surely be useful for every outfit. Yes! You heard (read rather) that right. We handpicked the accessories that we believe can put cherry on top on every outfit. Our accessories line promotes versatility. To see is to believe daw, so see for yourself below for the accessories we started with. ( So happy. Both collection's almost sold out!) 

For the "To Standout" Collection are statement necklaces that will add spark and edge to everyone's look. It's similar as putting a cherry on top.

This is still available. Get one now!
This is still available. Get one now!
This is still available. Get one now!

This one is still available. Get one now!

For the "The Classic" Collection are classic pair of earrings that is essential for every lady to have. They will never get old with other styles that come and go.

This is also available in grey and black. 
This is also available in pink and blue green.

And that is it my friends. Just a few pieces from All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi. We are now working on our next collection and it's all about detachable collars. Shout out to fellow collar addicts out there. The next collection is all about us.

Like us on facebook and to shop for accessories from All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi you can follow the instructions in every album or if you're in a hurry you can text us at +639289624592 or email us at

Yes. Like most blogger does. This is a shameless plug that's why it was a month delayed. hahaha.

'Til my next blog post!


Much Love,

Glitter Kisses! xx

Biyernes, Agosto 3, 2012


Ever since I was a lil girl, I have highly admired the world of fashion. As young as ten years old, I already started watching fashion shows and ANTM (America's Next Top Model). Since then, I dreamed of becoming a runway model. But reality struck me as I grew up 'cause my height won't even qualify me as a petite model. Hahahaha (BTW, I'm only 5 ft and 3 in tall)

Then, I keep on dreaming but no longer as a model, as a fashion designer. I started sketching some clothes but it wasn't that easy. So I started cheating on myself by having a stencil shape body that I trace all the time. It helped me but realized I have to do it the hard way, then I got better. My friends have been very supportive of me. They'd compliment how they love my sketches. They even encourage me to consider a career in fashion design. But that wasn't easy either. Nowadays, many are already pursuing this career who even got degrees in fashion that I cannot compete with.

I remember not so long ago weeks after the graduation, I was bummed waiting for phone calls from companies I applied for. I was so frustrated that went to the point that I told my mom about my Plan B. Fashion school was my second option. I wanted to go to fashion school in the coming semester if my applications didn't push through. It was my definite plan B. I also wanted to dye my hair blonde. (Yeah. In my wildest dreams) Then I got employed a month after the graduation, had a training for almost two months and now a bank teller.

In some point, when I made that plan B, a tiny part in me really don't want my applications to push through so I could pursue my dream in the fashion world. But God already gave me the job that I'm very happy and thankful with. Like, not everyone gets a job in a month after graduation and I'm very happy that I achieved that and very proud to be called one of the lucky ones. But that doesn't mean that it would stop me to do what I love and what I want. I could always dress-up for work. (Every Friday is our wash day. So expect outfit posts every Friday) I could always reinvent clothes that I no longer use into something new. ( I'm starting to work out how to work the sewing machine.) I even started online accessories shop called All Things Pretty by AnDi and ArDi with my sister. It's still a work in progress but you guys can like it on facebook here:

Up until now, I will still wait for that chance that I could step into fashion school. All I need is to save up and enroll to a weekend program. I know it's going to be a fun and bumpy ride.

Until my next blog post which is about our online shop! Yay!
Feel free to drop a comment below and give suggestion for fashion schools that has flexible programs. 


Much Love,