Miyerkules, Oktubre 5, 2016

Grown Up List

As we reach a point in our lives realizing how time flies and a new chapter opens, I can't help but wonder if there is still a need to plan for the future ahead. I, myself, is a big fan of making to-do lists especially when I have lots of errands to do or reports to make then and now which is synonymous with planning. It helped me a lot to meet deadlines and manage the time I was given. I actually have a list of things to do before I turn 25 that I made five years ago. It consists of actual grown-up stuff that some I have already ticked off from my list. 

Today, my year long hiatus from blogging ends as I finally had the time to make a comeback post after getting married and welcoming our first born. Yes. I am now enjoying my days of being a wife and mom all rolled into one that made me realize to make this post. As I experience new things presently, the motherly spirit inside of me tends to make me want to share to all of you a generic grown up list. 

First, choose your career path. From the course you will take in college to the company you wish to work with is essential. Another big factor are your hobbies and interest. Since it will be part of your daily routine, you have to consider if you'll want to do the same things in the longer run, and to have a long term work relationship with your team. Also, You'll not just choose a certain career path because it is your dream job but you'll have to undergo a trial and error as some things you've never imagined to do before certainly fits you now. Who would imagine that a shy and quiet type like me would actually fit being in the frontline of a financial institution? You'll never know until you try new things. So try to broaden your horizon. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because you'll definitely learn from them. 

After choosing your career path, learn to save money. Setting aside a certain amount from your paycheck is important. You'll always need to save for future use. Start saving a small percentage then add gradually as the years go by. You'll surprise yourself in the future. Learn and practice the income equation:


Earning for a living is not just for paying bills and daily needs. Every now and then learn to reward yourself. Schedule a shopping trip to the mall, a dinner out with friends and family, a movie date or travel to places you've never been to, you choose, as long as you won't break the bank. Work with a certain budget. You'll appreciate what you earn if you reward yourself once in a while. 

Life is not just work and play. You'll have to do actual grownup stuff like making yourself and your future secure through investments. You can use a certain percentage of your savings by investing. May it be getting a property under your name or buying stocks from the market or opening your own business or investing on other financial institution offered products or even enrolling to earn your another degree.  There's lots of things to make your future secure besides having a savings account. Sites like Personal Capital can offer helpful financial tools that can make budgeting for these big decisions a lot easier to manage.

Lastly, learn to live life to the fullest and put God in the center of everything. A lot of things have gone through my life and I never regretted the mistakes I made in the past because of every blessings I have been receiving then and now. Every little things that comes to us may it be good or bad is a blessing from up above. We have rough days to remind us that God knows we're strong enough to get through them. And we have good days to that tells us, we deserve these things in life. Always be thankful for it no matter how big or small of a blessing it is.

Planning or making to-do lists doesn't mean you should limit your life in it. You could still add or lessen it to your heart's content. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post despite the lack of pictures. Will make it up to you guys in my coming posts. Yes. You read that right. *wink*


Love, AnDi xx