Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2012

It's Minty

Top: HE, Skirt: Landmark, Shoes: SM Parisian

When I first heard and saw collar clips I went on a hunt for a blouse that has one. So when I saw this top, I was like. "We are so meant for each other!" It had a bunch of choices for color but went for the mint green to add another new color to my wardrobe. The top was very much perfect for an office attire that I decided to braid my hair into an up-do.

The title was actually inspired by my most favorite line from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. When, the dog Manuel for the first time got his teeth brushed. "It's *grin* minty!" -Soo adorable.

Hype it on lookbook here

The collar with the collar clips

A closer look on the collar clip

The collar clip is actually one of the fashion trends I love nowadays. It's soo small but gives an impact to the collar and the top as a whole.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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