Biyernes, Abril 19, 2019

90's Comeback

I have always been caught with trends, no matter how fast or long they go. Somehow I learned to love a few trends that is still included in my staple wears. Until now, I still love wearing skinny jeans, statement necklaces, even when they are now far off different from today's new trends. The fashion scene always brings back trends from different cycles and generation. And I am so glad they're bringing back trends from my childhood. 

Like any other kikay out there, I never leave the house not wearing a headband, hair clip or hair tie. My hairstyle always sported something different every day, our helper then made sure of that. Ever since then the fashion enthusiast in me somehow sparked. My sister and I then would get hold of the newest, kikay-est hair accessories to wear to school. We've sported satin ribbons used as headbands or hair ties, small hair clams in every color, feathered headbands, ridiculously huge bows headbands, and dainty hair clips. 

I made sure not to look boring in school uniform. Hair accessories and bags then will always be the fashion talk about at school if you're sporting something really nice or extremely weird. My sister and I didn't care then, we were kids and we loved wearing them.

I am so happy that the 90's hair clips and barettes are making a comeback. Yassss! I am overjoyed that I literally bought every clips and sets I see online that I wanted. That made me want to open, Le Petit Reine by Vivienne Jean.

Le Petit Reine is a french phrase that means the little queen. The inspiration of the name of the shop is my daughter. And at a young age I want her to look put together as much as possible since she's a reflection of me as a parent and her mom. I chose the little queen since our hair is our crowning glory, and I consider hair accessorizing a thing to make us feel different, above among others and I thought sounding to look regal is almost the same as being royal in our own little ways. Also, I translated it into French since it sounds way fancier. (Thanks to my daughter who loves watching"Fancy Nancy Clancy")

We've recently launched three collections; Pearls and Gems, Rainbow Dream and Four Seasons. Each collection is actually composed of coveted pieces and sets I found online that are not yet readily available locally in the province. I actually chose pretty unique items and made sure that I'd be one of the firsts to have it available in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

I am glad and very passionate about this since I love collecting them and love the idea of sharing it to everyone with a profit. Hahahha! Sharing is caring but I don't get them for free but made them really affordable for everyone. Our items are priced from Php. 50.xx to Php. 150.xx at a maximum. I am actually pretty shocked how expensive these are in the metro, they actually range at Php. 80.xx to Php. 150.xx at a minimum and you still need to add up for the shipping fee if they are not based on the same area. 

Pearls and Gems are all about the dainty stuff. Obviously pearls, rare stones and gems that our combined with delicate hair clips to even out or balance the whole look. You can mix and match them with simple bobby pins and you'd still look like a queen. 

Up to down, L-R: Fiona, Cecilia, Jasmine and Anastasia
P 150.xx per set

Up to down, L-R: Margaret, Ariel, Charlotte and Giselle
P 150.xx per set

These are just a few of the items we just launched under the Pearls and Gems collections. I wasn't able to take a photo of all the items with their own batches since some were sold long before I was able to take a photo of them. Thanks to my supportive colleagues. 

For the Four Seasons collection, I was inspired by the seasons. I've matched floral snap clips with leather clips that I believe is the color that best represents each of the season. Yellow for summer, Orange for autumn, Dark Green for spring and Light blue for winter. I find this collection bold and fun. This collection was actually made for both adults and young ones.

Up to down, L-R: Spring 1, Summer, Autumn 1, Autumn 2, Winter, Spring 2, Summer
P 60.xx per set

Even when we only have two seasons whole year round, I find the colors manageable to be matched with any wardrobe. It's always fun to play colors and it might surprise you that it might be the thing that would make a boring outfit pop.

The third collection we launched is the Rainbow Dream collection. This collection was made for kids and young at heart. I know the unicorn and rainbow trend has now lie low but I still could not resist on not including them. 

Rainbow for P 50.xx

Unicorn for P 50.xx
This collection was a no-brainer for me when I bought stocks for these. It actually is also about fulfilling my fantasy dreams when I was a kid about believing in unicorns and sliding down rainbows and actually finding a pot of gold at the edge of it all.

It felt surreal when our page finally reached to over a hundred of Facebook Likes. Hopefully, you guys would support me also and hit the like button for Le Petit Reine by Vivienne Jean.

Also, please do check out the collection we still have a few more items up for grabs and we'll be launching a new collection this Sunday, April 21. Do watch out for it. 

That's all for this post. I hope you guys would drop by our online shop and send me a message if you have inquiries.

Thank y'all!



Huwebes, Marso 21, 2019

Mommy Diaries: Summer Fun Activities to do at Home

Summer time is fast approaching. When I think about this, I always remember the times when I was little all we did was play, eat, take naps, go on swimming trips, and everything else that meant to have a vacation. It was so fun and now that I am now a working Mom. I always think of ways to catch up with my daughter and make her summer memorable each year, before she plans for herself when she grows up.

Since I am still can't decide yet on when to get her start going to school, I want her to learn a few things ahead earlier. She has now learn the alphabet, can now count 'til 30 and can now recognize colors and shapes. I thought it might be a great time to introduce her to new ways on learning.

The things my daughter and I enjoy doing after a long day at work is giving her a go with paper works. I always assume she plays the whole day consuming her energy at a maximum which makes me want to catch up with her the on a low key.

One of the things she loves doing is coloring. I make sure to get her new coloring books once in a while so she could have more choices. There are so many nice finds at bookstores and department stores. I love that this activity allows her to re-imagine the pictures as she colors. I allow her to choose which color to use.

Another thing we do is story telling time. I got her a lot of children books in her favorite cartoon characters. She just loves it when I read her books more than once a day and even allowed her to memorize the lines in the books. She could even finish the lines while I read them.

It's quite essential to let our kids explore for them to gain new interests and hobbies they could grow to love. One thing I love doing at home back then was playing pretend school. I love answering and making worksheets for my friends. But it takes a lot of effort making one considering I have to make more than one set for my pretend students. I recently came across which gives you access to downloadable and printable worksheets to help our kids with reading and writing. You can also get to choose what level your kids are have them in adorable theme selections.

Easter is just around the corner, and your little one will love practicing their beginner writing skill with this Easter-themed word tracer! For more fun learning activities, visit

Let's make our kids' summer a fun journey and learning experience as well.

That is all for this post.

Love, AnDi

Biyernes, Marso 15, 2019

28 and Unstoppable

I just turned 28 and I am unstoppable. Sneaking this outfit post because I really miss making one. I've actually been getting back to my old habit of taking outfit photos because my good old friend Shamcey is back!! I am actually talking about my samsung nx11 camera. She was down for two years because I couldn't get a replacement for her lost charger. I recently just got a hold of one last December and was really happy that I get to use it again.

And for my birthday outfit, this wasn't my original peg but when my husband got this for me, I just knew I had to wear it on my special day. We actually both this from a thrift store. Our car passed by their store twice and it was still hanging in there waving at me, calling me. My husband needed to drive back just to get it for me. (Soo sweet!!) 

I love how it perfectly fits me. I also sported a comeback trend from the 90's, the good old hair clips. I couldn't get my hands on the trendy ones made of pearl so this will do for now. I've recently hoarded a bunch of new hair clips online and excited that I'd finally have them prolly next week. Also, I am so happy I finally braved wearing chunky earrings. It has been a while. I always take into consideration not wearing them since my daughter might grab them and pull my ear off but now that she's more mature, she now knows what not to touch and play with. I added a slim metal belt to accentuate my waist.

I am actually wearing the very same slip-ons I use at home. I didn't even think twice since its all matchy- matchy with my dress. It also made my look a bit laid-back. I was going for sneakers but remembered the very madam slip-ons of my idol Camille Co and Tricia Gosingtian I have yet to try. And hey! it actually worked.

Topping my look off with this lakas maka tita vibe leather bag. I was so tempted to make a boomerang twirling like no one's watching but there were people actually watching puzzled what I am doing, getting a picture taken on the same exact poses. Hahaha! Their confused look was hilarious.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys loved my birthday outfit as much as I did. 
Please show some love by leaving comments below. 

Love, AnDi

Sabado, Marso 2, 2019

Mommy Diaries: Learn to Protect Kids from Online Monsters

It has been quite a while since I posted as a mom and it's prolly high time for me to make a new post. As much as we want to avoid giving out gadgets to kids because of the dangers it may put them through, there are still ways on how to protect them. I used to be in disapproval when parents let their kids at very young age use gadgets and now I've become one of those parents. My lil girl is only 2 years old and I admit that she already know her way through browsing her own apps.

It somehow bothered me that their are rampant platforms that are going on right now that pops up on children's usual cartoon videos that they watch. I took an action and made my own way to address this issue the motherly way.

So, I am giving you guys a few tips on how to protect our kids from these online monsters.

First, I made sure to make a Youtube account that are logged in to several gadgets. Like, my daughters iPad, and my own phone. That way, I could easily monitor the history on which videos my daughter watches. Also, you can restrict your account to block mature themed videos to avoid your kids to get to see such videos.

Second, I got her the Youtube Kids app that will surely get kids safe and totally appropriate videos to watch.

Third, when these apps they use are online, they are prone to pop-ups or ads that we can't monitor. So what I do, I download the videos I want them to watch. Both Youtube and Youtube Kids has these feature that you can watch videos offline. Just make use of your account, look for videos you want them to watch, then press the download button. And you are good to go. 

Fourth, it is not just the online monsters I protect my kids from, but also the danger of letting my kid watch for a number of hours. So, I make sure to give her proper screening time. That way, she won't be deprived and at the same time we make time for our kids that we also go offline to give time with each other. I give her a maximum of an hour but make sure that she gets break at least 20 minutes in between.

Fifth, if you guys have a smart TV you could always stream there whatever they're watching. You just need to press the stream button and make sure the TV and phone is connected to the same wifi connection.

Lastly, when my daughter is on her screen time I make sure to supervise and watch with her as much as I can. That way, I could get along with her and at the same time I have knowledge on where she learn things.

Educational or just pure fun videos to watch for kids help make them shape up their own personalities and it's scary sometimes that they learn these things by just watching videos but in this millenial age, they are all prolly going to end up making use of it in the future. Making them learn at an early age is both a risk-factor and beneficial for them. Let's just guide them as parents to shoo away these unwanted online monsters.

I still believe that it's best for our kids to enjoy their childhood both online and offline.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Just another post from my very own Mommy Diary.
Please leave some comment below on your own ways to treat this kind of Mommy issue. I'd love to hear from you guys.

That is all for this post.

Love, AnDi

Lunes, Disyembre 31, 2018


Everyday I find myself chasing the sun, not because I'm always in a hurry but because I had this little moments that I feel I haven't done enough for the day. Ever since I was little it may not have shown in my academics or in mostly things that I do but I tend to push myself to my limits. I make decisions and make sure to get the things I needed and wanted to do to make all things work. At some point in my life, I've gone through a tremendous change that I have learned to accept and deal with such things I have never planned of and have always dread to seek a validation from my Dad. 

Sixteen years ago, I lost my Dad. Just like that, a blink of an eye, a snap of your fingers, a two minute phone call; hearing from the other line a crying, choking voice telling you, your Dad is gone. I have learned to accept the facts of it but every single day, I still mourn for him.

Every morning, when I drink my cup of coffee, I think of Dad when he was so thrilled then with all the new flavors of Nescafe.

Every Sunday meal when I take a bite of Mom's cooking, I think of Dad when he was always so dedicated to make his special dishes for us.

Every time my husband sends and fetch me to and from work, I think of Dad when my sister or my brothers or my Mom and I ride his motorcycle just to get in time to school.

I have quite some special moments with my Dad that I wish that it wasn't just memories now. I have so many points in my life that I wish he just stayed longer but it all happened for a reason. It may have been sixteen years without him but my Mom did such an amazing job in making us who we are now. Not to brag and all, but a lot have something to say with how I am doing an amazing job raising my lil girl. And I thank my Mom and my Dad for that. 

Learning to accept that I was defeated by such things like I would never have known what my Dad would think, or if he approves of what I am and have done every single day, is like learning to love the sun setting. 

It must have been why I loved sunsets because it always reminded me that at the end of the day, after all your shortcomings, all the deadlines you have missed, all the borrowed time you could never take back, there will always be a beautiful sun waiting for you to set and I thank God for that.

Year 2018 have been a roller coaster ride for me. I cried a lot this year for things I got sad and happy. I shared victory with my husband how my daughter have grown to be a witty kid. I learned and discovered many new things at work that only my Philtrust family could taught me. I shared so many memories with my family that are for that I am mostly grateful for this year, especially times when we were all together with our own little families in a deserted resort. Such a fun experience!

For all my shortcomings as a wife and as a mom, I wish to make up for it in 2019.

Year 2019, bring it on! We are so ready for you.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2018

Make your Kids the Happiest this Christmas

Long weekends give us a time-off from daily whereabouts and gives us some time to catch up with our husband and kids. I have a helper that takes care of my daughter whenever I work and I don't make her come over during weekends and holidays so we could have a solid bond. I find this very effective especially now that she can now understand that there are days I needed to work and days that I am free and can tend to her. I find it such a hard time to give my daughter the best bonding days because I always ran out of things to do with her. A two years old is very hard to please since they have very short attention spans, they tend to make there own decisions and are very hard headed at a times.

So in order for us to bond and keep her entertained and at the same time she would learn new things, I found myself scrolling through Toytink on instagram. I've known the brand since I gave birth to my kiddo in 2016. I've been following the account since I want to give my daughter the best of both worlds, having fun and to learn. Upon scrolling the account I came across their Christmas giveaway, I got all giddy about the educational toys and mom-kiddo goodies they are giving away.

Toytinkr have partnered with Santa's Sack, BrightBrands Lifesyle Store, Bubba Doodles, Copii Kids, Fun Nest, Hiraya Tree, Lily and Tucker, Ma'am and Mom's Educational HubOli's Boxship, Peekaboo and Company, Pottery Barn Kids PH, Pumplepie Books & Happiness, The Kiddi Company, QT Baby, Trunk Show, Tonic, Bambina Philippines, and Beluga Dreams Books and Educational Toys. All generous online sellers will be giving out items they're showcasing from their brand. It's so easy to join just click any of the brands to check out the full mechanics. All links go straight to there official posts you could place your entry. 

I am sharing all these information because sharing is caring and it is very timely for the Holiday season. Head on now to your phones and instagram accounts to join the giveaway, it ends on December 9, 2018  and make your kiddos the happiest on Christmas day, making us the happiest moms all the same.

Have a wonderful, crazy and fun Christmas rushing to everyone as we count only 24 days 'til Christmas!

That is all for this post.

Love, AnDi

Sabado, Oktubre 20, 2018


As people age and get mature, the choices that we make, the changes we embrace, the failures we regret, the hardships we surpass, the standards we set, the fashion trends we follow, all revolves around our lifestyle. We learn to live in a whole new world once we finally step in to adulthood. I was at some point in a verge of denial until my lil girl pinched me while we sing and dance to nursery rhymes all day long, enjoy shopping for her clothes than mine, and most of all, staying at home and sharing moments only a daughter could give. It was all overwhelming at first but finally got the hang of it with the help of my loved ones. And with so many changes that happened, my style also evolved. Wow! What an evolution! Haha! I’ve finally invested on darker hues for my wardrobe as I have been a total pastel lover. I regret on not starting early on but loved collecting them all now. I am such a sucker nowadays with navy blue and maroon ensembles. Also, I’m now a certified white sneaker-head. Yes. A big emphasis on the color white, since I invested on one colored sneakers and I had a hard time to pair them with my wardrobe, so I stopped with one colored pair which is in pink. So I stuck to white sneakers that I use and abuse all through out since they are always so comfy and practically works with everything. It also helps that I spend lesser time to put together my OOTD, now that I always have workable wardrobe for all occasion. I tend to be dressier for church and family gatherings, just like my OOTD a few Sundays ago.

I wore this dress on my birthday last February and totes forgot to take my OOTD. Once I buy a new dress for a certain occasion, I always make sure to make use of it for church day then slowly using it for casual days. That way I won’t let the dress feel that I took them for granted. Hahaha! This dress gave me this bohemian vibes that I felt that it was the right time to finally use the bag that equally screams boho, my fringes sling bag. Aahhh! I was so happy when I got this from my cousin. I love how it is just so subtle but also an eye-catcher in a good way. It worked so well that when I know I will no longer get the chance to get a decent photo of it at home I just dropped everything and get my photo taken at the parking basement of the mall before riding the car. I was also able to finally capture it in action, all thanks to boomerang. I got this dress from Knitty Gritty Manila. It’s an Instagram shop that sells high quality ukay clothes and coats at an affordable price. You get bragging rights if you shop from their store since the first person to comment on the photo gets the item, making me all frantic with my husband to stop using the internet for a while whenever I shop. I paired it with my fringes bag and my nude block heels shoes from Primadonna. It’s the only pair I got for dressing up, need to invest in a new one ASAP. Also, I’ve been wanting to have a wrap dress for so long, even though it’s not the legit type of wrap dress, I was so happy with this purchase. It is actually a maternity dress that’s why so many people judged me that I was pregnant daw. OMG! I was not informed. Hahaha! Anyway, I love this dress because of the color and the print. Since, I am so in to navy blue and it has this beautiful pastel floral prints made me want to buy the dress. Also, the length of it was just perfect, not too long, not too short, that fits to my husband approved outfits. The style is also timeless that I might be able to use it in the future. *Wink* Dressing up made me feel like a wallflower all over again. Not just because of my floral dress but I kind of blend in with all the moms dress to the nines clutching diaper bags all the same.

This was the second time I’ve finally posted an OOTD after so long and makes me want to post some more. It also helps that my husband is in full support of my return to OOTD blogging that I sometimes let him check my grammar whenever I am not pretty confident with the content and he sometimes direct me when to stop breathing just to get a decent photo of me with my happy tummy, which is btw overwhelmed with food. Hahaha! On a more serious note, I want to raise the issue that I find it super duper rude and never okay to ask someone if they’re pregnant, especially when you don’t have this close relationship with them or if you do have, you should have checked on your facts first, like, I don’t know, a flashy baby announcement on social media because that’s what everyone else does. I was always so pissed at first that I went to a point that I break down and cried a lot, but now I have embraced my happy tummy and do some exercising once in a while because apparently it is still my fault that I’ve gained so much weight and haven’t gone back to my pre-natal body. My fingers are still crossed, I haven’t lost my hopes yet. But still, it is rude to ask especially when you’re asking someone who’s in a pretty good mood, it just rottens the whole day ahead. Put yourself in other's shoes and ask yourself how you'd feel if you're not pregnant and someone asked you the same question. A lot of new moms and even the one's who have two or more children go through a lot when getting pregnant, and giving birth and I feel like a lot of people doesn't take postpartum blues seriously. It saddens me that I've read a lot of articles about moms who had worst scenarios of this ending up losing themselves. I wish people would be more sensitive to one another especially to women who recently just gave birth or is a new mom. I could feel myself unloading a lot of unwanted baggage after writing this all down (typing, in this blog’s case).  

That is all for this post. Please do come by my Facebook page and hit the like button for more updates on new blog posts and also on my Lookbook page to give my looks some heart and hypes. I do hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts, you may leave some comment(s) below.

Love, AnDi xx