Lunes, Disyembre 31, 2012


Top: PPS, Shorts: Galaxy Point, Shoes: Tomato Online Store,
and Bag: Coach 

It was a weekend when I used this top and shorts. Such a new color palette for me since orange was not really that fashion forward when I saw the Clique movie that I got obsessed with. Anyway, people change and so is my taste in terms of colors. I make sure to keep a single top or dress for every new color for me and get a complementing color of it for a pair of shoes, bag or accessory. In this case I first bought the necklace then looked for a top that will compliment it.

Hype this on here

The necklace and bracelet I used

Found a way to make my lookbook posts dramatic

The title is actually my Mom's favorite fruit which is in orange. I chose it instead of orange for something different.

What do you think of this look? I want to hear from you guys. Anything. It'll be fun to hear from you guys where you can leave comments below.
Much Love,
Glitter kisses! xxx

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