Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2012

Scarf Print

Top & Shorts: Galaxy Point, Necklace: All Things Pretty,
Satchel: ABKD and Spike Cuff: LSN Fashion

Time to bond and catch up with family on the day of the Fiesta proper. It is actually the day after the Fluvial Procession when Ina gets to be home in Basilica traveling by water at the Naga River. The day when Nagueños celebrate that Ina, Our Lady of Peñafrancia got to be home in Basilica safely. It is also the day when people pig out. Forgive me for the term. It really does apply to me especially with all the sumptuous food my family prepares for this special day. 

New online purchase from Tomato Online Store

This was actually a photo taken before it all got muddy. Good thinking that I got a photo of it before hand because the material of the shoes was actually suede which makes the "getting the dirt off" part really frustrating. I tried my luck on buying shoes online when I bought this from Tomato Online Store. How cool is Tomato opening up an online store for people like me who are a fan but doesn't have a Tomato Store at the mall. (Yes. A sad  mall we shop in.) And the best part is, when you purchase Php 400.00 and up, you get your purchase free on shipping fee (domestic only). IKR. Heaven for Tomato fans in the province.

New spike cuffs from LSN Fashion
Scary Spikes

Can I just say, LSN Fashion gives the most affordable shipping fee rates in my whole online shopping experience. I think I only paid half a hundred peso for these two scary spikes to be delivered in our door step. Anyway, it took me a lot of guts to wear them. *High five confidence!*

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Moving along to the outfit. Scarf prints are definitely on the loose in fashion trends. So, when I got the hold of this top. I didn't waste my chance and automatically run towards the cashier. Okay. I exaggerated, I check the size first if it fits, then run towards the cashier to pay for it. Hahahah. It was such a bold print that I get to show the other side of me by having the guts to wear them. *High five confidence! Again*
I paired it with a short shorts with a beautiful ruffle detail on the side then went matchy-matchy with color orange so I used my new pair of flats from Tomato Online Store.

I am such a dork on sewing stuff that I get a bit OC sometimes on the simplest details, like the button of the top shown below. It look cheap to me. The top was actually really cheap but it doesn't have to be that obvious. So, I rummaged in my sewing box and got a hold of my Lola Jean's old pearl buttons. Thought it was perfect to make the top a bit classier. 

A closer look


A closer look

In this world, even the simplest details can ruin everything and the slightest changes can make big things.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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