Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2012

Baby Pink

Dress: Parklane, Necklace: All Things Pretty and Shoes: Thrifted

It is another wash day at work. I was actually planning on buying pants the day before but ended up with this adorable dress. I have been eyeing this dress for months but I recently went on a dress shopping before so I was trying to control to resist again. I just had these insect bites that I got from our swimming trip and it looks horrible. My legs are full of it that's why I decided to buy an office pants but I failed. And opted for the second option which is stockings. They can't hid the bites but they look less horrible.

At USI Auditorium

My sister was one of the hosts for a school event and decided to tag along Mom and my lil brother to watch the show. As you can see, I have with me another trusty blazer for it to look office appropriate. Then, in the afternoon my hair was all over my face so I tied it on a ponytail. And the shoes, one of the comfiest wedges ever. It made me look a few inches taller but never felt tired wearing them.

Hype this look here

This picture was actually taken after the show. It was fun being in a different school. The crowd are all crazy and dedicated to support there candidates. I mean, I just witnessed students running to get in the audi, arguing with facilitators to let them in first. Just all the craziness and pure dedication, I was there, witnessed them all.

A picture with my sister

A picture with very pretty Sel. One of my sister's co-hosts

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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