Linggo, Oktubre 18, 2015

Wash Day Diaries: Prints

Oh how I miss my school days, especially the times when I get to dress up. The night before, I always plan what I will wear for the next day. When I was still young (as in, early college days), I used to play safe when it comes to dressing up for school. I usually go for a pair of jeans and collared top then I am already good to go. My style evolved from over-the-top, like when I actually thought that wearing pink from head to toe was cool, to minimalist, as wearing plain, solid colored top, with neutral flats and pair of jeans, then to my present style mantra, which is thinking out of the box, appropriately.

I learned how to mix and match prints, to block the right color palette, to dress appropriately and to accessorize.

One of my dress code dilemmas then was choosing the right, school appropriate prints. There were so many to choose from, paisley, floral, scarf print, stripes, polka dots, etc. But the tricky part is, pairing it with the right top or bottoms. With this, I'm going to share the things I always consider when choosing the coordinate to match le print.

Top and Denim Vest: 168 Mall, Bag: Zalora,
Jeans: The SM Store and Sandals: Forever 21

First is color scheme of the print. It is always safe to pair printed ensembles with neutral colors but it's going to be plain old boring if you will not try to experiment. For this particular outfit of mine, I've got four colors; mint green, pink, purple and white. With this palette, I was able to use a white top, purple bag, pink sandals and a necklace in mint green, pink and white. As I am a pastel lover, I never had the difficulty in getting all the color scheme paired with.

It was a big day for my sister as I worn these particular coordinates. It's both comfy and stylish. Why include this in my wash day dairies? I say, if I was still going to school, this would prolly be one of my fave ensembles that I could wear.

Top & Jeans: CaLee Shoppe, Accessories: The SM Store and Shoes: Primadonna 

Secondly, the type of print. I don't want to go overboard when I wear something with a heavy print. In this case, the top is a mixture of floral and texture prints. I opted to pair it with a dark pair of jeans and white sneaks to balance out the print.

It was a pretty crazy military parade when I wore this, so I made sure I was comfortable in what I wear. But of course, never sacrifice style that I still got away by wearing my fave acrylic beaded necklace matching it with my acrylic watch.

Prints are definitely one of my favorite things I love working with when it comes to dressing up. It gives me this one slight effort to think how to work an ensemble with it, as it conveys as a starting line of your ootd.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
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