Huwebes, Enero 1, 2015

Brand New Year

Another new year is ahead of us and we all wish for the same exact things, we make a list of the same exact resolutions and we all realize that we'll end up wishing and making a list of it for the next year. It may sound all negative but it's not. It just goes to show how we constantly want to live the same life, like not caring about a list and just enjoy it, make mistakes and learn from it, come up with decisions you've never imagined to happen and to spread love to everyone in the best possible way you can.

And as I share these thoughts of mine, I also wanted to share what I wore for the NYE. We all have this belief to wear polkadots to attract good luck. Since, the circle shape connotes the shape of the coin, which means money. And as silly as it may sound it's a thing we do on yearly basis. And here I am, wearing this denim dress I haven't worn for years. Good thing, it still fits.It is also a belief that wearing something red or green brings good luck. And so I added my slim metal belt from SM Kids' Accessories. To break a tradition though, I felt like jumping as high as I can on 12m.n. is no help for me to gain a few inches and so I opted to wear a classic black pumps.

Year 2014 is just another chapter we've just finished writing, and the brand new year is a start of another to write, adventures to make, new things to try, change to take and cupcake to bake, well, just for me. Looking back to it puts a big smile on my face, realizing how blessed I am with a sudden change, that I wholeheartedly accepted. Gaining someone so important, that only my heart could tell why. One of the best blessings I've received last year. And I am very much thankful for that and excited for what is allotted to us in the coming years.

Happy New Year every one!










Rounded up all my outfit posts for this year. Realizing I've not just gain a person I love, I've also gained weight.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it.


Much Love,

P.S. I apologize for the not so decent photo. 

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