Sabado, Enero 31, 2015

Wake Up Call

Time and time again, when something really good happens to me, I pinch myself to know if every blessing I've been receiving is happening for real. Everyone who knows me well already figured out how my imagination goes on, and on, and on. And how pessimistic I am, when I expect for the worst for me to feel better when good things happen instead. It's a bad habit of mine that I apparently need to correct. ASAP

I've been thinking a lot lately and realized a lot of things which explains how melodramatic I get with my posts. (Sorry in advance.) Today will be just a start that there will be no backing down, no more looking back, no more to negativity. This morning upon stumbling on The Good Quote (@thegoodquote) on instagram, I've read a lot of things concerning this. That we should always focus on the good one's and let go of the negative. Things we should remember when we're in the rough.

Besides from reading such quotations, we should also consider dressing comfortably without sacrificing style of course in order for us to spread positivity just like this ootd of mine on Christmas day reunion with fam. I never get tired of this, another dramatic entrance for this outfit post.

Now about this ensemble, I know that origami skorts have been a trend last year and so or overlapping skirts just like this one from Ripples by Jenny. I paired it with this fresh looking lace top in teal from Black Sheep.

I swore I just finished using a curling iron to make my hair look put together and I dismally fail doing so. Haha! An hour with that hot rod was no worth it. Good thing it was windy then, everyone did not noticed how messy my hair was. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it.
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Much Love,

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