Biyernes, Enero 23, 2015


As the 22nd of the new year approaches, it marks the start of my month long countdown for my birthday. Since 22nd of January is my sisy's, it will forever be a reminder of my aging mark. But I am not writing this because I am going to host another giveaway, nor am I going to be overly dramatic of my aging process (Okay. Just a little.) but to share how much my world changed in just a year.

When I was younger (before I turned 23) I wanted to grow up so fast because I wanted to be  a "someone" . But now that I'm in the process of getting there, I was taken aback on how much I still need to work hard for, on how much I still need to prove myself, on how much cups of rice I need to take, on how much walls I need to break. (Wow! That rhymes. Felt pretty cool about myself. Hihi) The thing is, we have to make big changes with our lives in order for us to reach our goals. Make wrong decisions and learn from them, try new things and actually like them, and most importantly embracing the change, going with the flow, doing the things we want or need to do or both.

Like in fashion, change is constant. And the fashion world embraces whatever the new trend is wholeheartedly. And here I am trying to shift my dramatic post into an outfit post. Ha!

Don't worry I haven't gone mad on trading cutesy laces, frills and pastels with sweatshirt and pants. I've just wore something for me is hip-hop for our office party last month. Genre of music was the theme of the kringle, and I got hip-hop. So I decided to wear something related to the theme but adding personal touches. And yes, Hello Kitty was my personal touch for this one.

I was soo tempted to buy a new pair of wedge sneaks but everyone told me it will be such a waste because I will only be using it once. It was partly true since I haven't got that much things to match such pair. So, I opted for my kitty sneaks instead.

I also added a cap for the sake of a color popping out. And also to add the hip-hop vibe. I love how the kitty print also goes so well with the whole look.

Also, I did goofed around and tried posing all sorts of hip-hop(ish) pose and failed dismally. Oh well. Going back to posting outfit photos with normal clothes. A lot more backlogs to come.

Just don't forget the whole point of this post. To greet changes with a warm hug and go with the flow but still take control to which destination you're going to.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it.
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Much Love,

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