Sabado, Nobyembre 22, 2014

Emily Fields

Do I have to cue in the PLL theme song again? No? Okay then. I am back for another ootd post the Pretty Little Liars Edition. My previous post was about my fave liar, Spencer. This time I found an ootd of mine that best describes Emily Fields. 

Among the liars, Emily is prolly the least I have common things with. I am anything but sporty. You can count me in as a supporter, cheering on the side lines but never on the spotlight inside the court. To those who haven't watched a single episode of PLL, Emily Fields is the athlete among the liars, She's part of the swimming varsity team. One thing we have in common though, is we both have this tough thing going on the outside but soft as jello on the inside. Plus, this outfit of mine that I find the closest thing I could to being sporty. 

Top: SM Woman, Dress: Local department store, Shoes: Primadonna

This pictures have been sitting on my ootd folder for awhile now. And I'm quite excited now that I've finally posted it. Have you noticed how beautifully the pictures have come out? Because these were taken by my sisy Ara. I swear, any kind of art she excels in it. Add photography in her already long list. 

This was actually one of our family days, Ara went home for three days from her internship at Dumaguete City. Then she was off to Baguio on the fourth day for her next assignment, I kinda miss her already actually. This was taken on the last week of July. She haven't been home since then. I can't wait to see her back for the Christmas vacation though. 

I have more to post in the coming weeks and next time around I'll be transforming into each of the Pretty Little Liars. Next post is going to be about Hanna Marin, watch out for that co-PLL fans.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

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