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100th: Looking back at 2013 + Blog giveaway

Hi! I'm Genevieve Anne Ebio Diocos and this officially marks my hundredth blog post. *insert teary eyed happy face here

This feels awesome. I am very excited for another year of sharing to you guys anything under the sun. But before we skip to that let me share to you guys my Top 10 favorite looks from last year. 

No. 10: Potterhead ϟ

Year 2013 wouldn't be complete without sporting the skater skirt trend. You can get them now in every color may it be pastel or neon. I suggest you keep one or two in a bright one. It will be useful this coming summer.

Another trend that boomed this year is the corset dresses. One of the inner wear is the new outer wear trend. I love how the print of it makes it unique from the rest. Paired it with my crochet vest making it look put together.

No.8 Checkmate

Who wouldn't forget this look of mine from Bloggers United 5? Well, if you have that's okay. Here it is again. This is included in my Top 10 since I've got a lot of beautiful memories on this day. Was reunited with my college friends and got to meet my fave bloggers, even the new ones. Looking forward to Bloggers United 7, missed the sixth installment. Huhuhu. Lovely (my BU buddy) is soo ready for June.

The only look who got in Top 10 in jeans. I just really love this top. It's in pink, in a floral print and with peplum cut. All my favorite things combined. Who wouldn't love that? Also, it's the debut of my cutesy wedges from CLN so it's pretty special.

See how I just love peplum tops? Here's another one in a romantic lace material in white. Matched it with gold for it to look classy for a very special day of my good friend Fianne. It was raining that day, a smart move to use a pretty high pair of wedges.

No. 5: Peek-a-Boo

One of my latest looks. What I wore to the karaoke party with my Diamond Fam. This is now my go-to bag for errands. Believe me, even my ginormous umbrelly fits right in. Plus, look at those adorable vans sneakers in a Hello Kitty print.
No. 4: All Pink

Pretty in pink peg for my lil bro's first ever modeling stint. Went crazy with prints since we went out of town for it. I take advantage when dressing up whenever I'm in a place where not all recognizes me. That's what I realized when I dressed down when I was in Hong Kong two summers ago. I looked like a tourist who brought her "pang-bahay" clothes. Hahahah

One of my fave ensembles I pulled off for work. I feel pretty cool wearing this one. What made me love it more is the magic that I was able to put this all together for just 10 minutes. Hashtag: Perks of Having Unused Clothes, Sitting in your Closet for Months.

No. 2: Ri-crochet

The debut of my crochet vest. Used it for a get together with the Ebio Family on a Mother's day. I planned this outfit not knowing when to use but definitely for a summer outing. I love how the color of the shorts is very calming to the eyes.

Despite the messy hair and all. This would still be my fave look of the year. It's pretty special since this was taken during my birthday. After a long day at work, I went to school to peek on how my lil bro's prom is going. And I was surprised by greetings from a lot of people that day.

But before I end this post, I am very happy and proud to share to you guys that my page views tripled from last year. And because of that I want to throw a giveaway! Yes. Just that simple. This post is pretty special since it's my 100th, (sorry guys for repeating it tons of times already. I can't get over) I will be giving away what I call a Blogger Guide Kit. I know I am not an expert but I have a kit of my own that helped me a lot this year. This Blogger Kit includes a Tricia Gosingtian Style Book, a Candy Guide Style: Global Street Style Edition, one floral headphones and one floral crown.

The Tricia Gosingtian Style Book is a compilation of must-haves in our closets and how to use them. Plus, you guys would get to know The Tricia Gosingtian, lookbook superstar, professional photog, and celebrity blogger. I must say, she's the very first blogger I've followed even before my idol Camille Co. This is a-must for bloggers to help and guide us for styling.

The Candy Guide Style: Global Street Style Edition is a compilation of some of the style bloggers all over the world. Yes. A very awesome bunch showcasing different trends and styles.

Ahhh. The very cute floral headphones, why are they included in my kit? Well, I have one from Anagon and I use it every time I blog. You see. Listening to music helps me to express more and sometimes get to have ideas for titles (Just don't forget to give proper credit) And since I appreciate everyone who visits my blog, I made them myself with love.

As for the floral crown, well, I find them so darn cute. This will be useful for garden themed ensembles and since you guys are pretty special to me, I also made them with love.

So that's what I will be giving away; A Blogger Guide Kit. One blog reader of mine will get it as a prize. As for the mechanics, just follow the simple steps below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Giveaway starts this 12 midnight and ends on January 22, 2014 also at midnight. The winner for my giveaway will be announced on the 25th of January. Be sure to join this one!


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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