Sabado, Enero 18, 2014


Top and Skirt: Bazaar, Belt: SM Dept.Store & Shoes: Primadonna

I have picked up my pace now and back to my usual whereabouts. The past few weeks have been very busy for our family since my eldest brother just got married. We actually just got back from Baguio this week. And now, I am so back on doing my backlogs.

And when I mean backlogs, I'm talking about major backlogs. This one was from December 2013. Wore this to work when my polo shirt wasn't ready yet.

I was actually going to name this Peach-y for the color scheme I used for the ensemble but just to make things interesting I've changed it to Pitch-y, a slang term used by music experts. Everyone who knows me would prolly laugh with me for using this term. You see, it actually would be the best description for my singing voice. LOL

Enough about that, let us now move on to the outfit. Don't you guys love my asymmetrical peplum skirt? I have this one for a while now. As in, it was sitting for 6 months in my closet and was finally able to use it just last month. I bought this one from Vern & Verniece's booth at BU5. The thing I love about it is the unique peplum detail. About the top, well I have been looking for a long sleeve top with this powerful shoulder detail and finally found one.

Also, was finally able to use this gorge coral peach jeweled necklace I bought from divi. I soo love how each jewel has these golden metal tassels. Then, my nude open toe flats came to the rescue, to save my feet for a long day at work. 

That is all for this post. I'm making this one short because I don't have that much pictures to show every detail of the outfit. (I know. I should have known better.) I do hope you still enjoyed it though. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN MY GIVEAWAY: HERE. You can join until January 22, 2014. The winner for my giveaway will be announced on the 25th of January. Be sure to join this one! 

Also, you can hype my look here.


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Glitter kisses! xxx

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