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Baguio Trip

It has been years since I last went to Baguio. It was in my fourth year in high school when I attended DepEd's very famous NLTSGO (National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers) held at Teachers Camp. And now that I was given a chance to go back after almost six years, I tried things I've always wanted to do that I wasn't able to during my last visit. Although we just have to squeeze it in to our schedules since our sole purpose of going to Baguio is for my brother's wedding.

We first visited the very famous Mines View Park. Despite the fact that the place has now turned into a tourist commercial area because of the stores located in every angle, I still loved visiting it. Also, was now able to ride a real horse, and wait for it, with pink hair. It was soo fun to do touristy stuff despite the busy day full of errands we had.

On our first day, we just had lunch at the mall and finally met the wonderful Toledo Family, one of the nicest families I've met to date and now our extended fam. And definitely the main reason why we would definitely come back every now and then, to visit and catch up with new members of the family.

On the second day, we've done a few errands here and there, attended the wedding rehearsal and all, and of course a little sight seeing around the city. In the morning we was able to go to the Mines View Park and in the afternoon we went to Camp John Hay.

For you guys to enjoy this post, I will be dumping you with pictures we were able to take. Although all of these are only group pictures, I hope seeing us having fun in the pictures would be enough. Scroll away!

When we were done doing a few errands, we decided to swing by the Mines View Park before grabbing some lunch. I wanted to ride a pony but when I saw this horse with a dyed pink hair, I was like "Oooh, Pink!" and immediately rode the horse for picture taking purposes only though. Actually, every corner has this pink dyed hair horses all for photo ops purposes. 

This is one of my fave pictures of all time. Look at my nephew's adorable smile. He looks so cute with the costume on.

My lil brother also get to wear a costume since RG wasn't that thrilled to wear one.

An obligatory picture with one of Doglas' friends. Haha. The line for Doglas was crazy, so we opted for the other dog who were also prepped up for photo ops.

A trip to the Mines View Park wouldn't be complete without having their buttered corn on a cob. You can get them steamed or grilled. My nephew tried one, and I was able to snap away in action. Soo cute!

I love how this touristy picture was taken. Even though I look like a mess, since it was now late in the afternoon and we just got done shopping for pasalubongs. The view of the pine trees were breathtaking. It felt like I was not in the Philippines. 

And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without an outfit shot.

I wore this sheer floral top and layered it with a light blazer. I love how the blazer has this lace dainty detail. I paired it with a nude colored midi skirt. And of course, I used my fave sandals and sling bag.

I must admit. I looked more like a teacher rather than a tourist here. Heads up though, do not wear skirts with this kind of weather esp. in the month of  December- February on night time. I was freezing when we went out for dinner. Haha. If you're planning to wear one, be sure to wear tights underneath.

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Definitely coming back to visit our new fam and this beautiful city. We still need to experience the 50's Diner, strawberry picking, and prolly have a picnic at the Camp John Hay.

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Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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