Martes, Disyembre 31, 2013

Rainbow of Possibilities

I wasn't sure of what to share tonight until I've read my horoscope for the day. Yes. I read these stuff but not a total believer. I just get so amaze how these things coincide with what is really happening.

Anyway, in less than an hour, 2013 is about to end. Sooo many things have happened this year. A fair share of ups and downs. If there is one word that would sum up this year it would prolly be the word, moved. I have moved out, moved in and moved on. And this is where the rainbow of possibilities came in to the picture.

I have been stressed out with a lot of things but just by being surrounded with my loving family, supportive friends, caring colleagues and even strangers who became new friends in between, made it all bearable and I'm very thankful to God for all of them. I have always been a fan of seeing the rainbow after the rain. But this year taught me that this rainbow is not just an ordinary one, but an array of all the possible things that may happen after a heavy or a not-so heavy rain. I don't need to elaborate that, you guys prolly know what I mean. 

Anyway, let me have a huling hirit for 2013 by sharing to you guys what I wore to my lil brother's family day. Yes. Another dramatic transition to an outfit post. (I feel awesome every time I get away with it. Hihi)

I wore this printed corset dress and paired it with my crochet vest. A little glitter and gold won't hurt, so I used my glittered sandals from Forever 21 and the gold lion head pendant necklace to accessorize it. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate my lil brother, for topping their class for the Second Grading Period. So proud of him!

I am keeping this post short since everyone is pretty busy and crazy right now for the Media Noche (I google the spelling).

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think? I wanna hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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