Sabado, Enero 12, 2013


Shirt: YRYS, Pants: Wearelse, Headband: Anagon Collection
and Shoes: SM Parisian

I have been dying to have a pair of galaxy print leggings ever since I saw it at which was ages ago but was just really expensive for me. Until, Wearelse Boutique came in to the picture. This was actually an impulsive online buy. My budget was already in tact but I just couldn't resist. And it was all worth it when it came a day after I paid for it. That was just the fastest that I have received an order online.

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Anyway, I paired it with a simple tee and nude flats to give emphasis to the galaxy printed bottom. I also got to wear this wire headband I bought from Anagon the Fashionista Commuter. I am also wearing my new specs here. 8-)

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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