Lunes, Enero 14, 2013


Headband: Forever 21, Dress: Thrifted and Shoes: SM Parisian

Started the year by dressing up a bit. This is what I actually wore on New Year's Day which is also the Death Anniversary of my Dad. Of course, we visited him at the cemetery. After having our lunch, we also had this spontaneous  Secret Santa which took us all the afternoon to buy gifts because most of the stores are closed.

Hype this look on here

Back to the outfit, I actually have this dress for quite some time now. I was not sure what shoes to pair it with and on what occasion would I use it. Until, this nude flats came along. I also got to use this floral headband from Forever 21. For the accessories, I just stacked up on a few pearls and lace bangles.

Dainty New Year Armpartey!

Tinkerbell wasn't actually the sole inspiration or peg of my outfit it just so happen that I look all fairy-ish with the headband and the lace-y floral detail of the dress. I was actually going for dainty with the whole look.

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P.S. I apologize for the goofy face. My siblings was making fun of me while my sister takes the picture -_-

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