Biyernes, Enero 11, 2013

Diamonds Christmas Reunion 2012

Dress: Powder Blue, Belt: SM Accessories, Shoes: Asianvogue

Everything was planned for the 22nd of December, there were committees, invitations were already printed, layouts for the tarps were done, Mark offered his place for venue. The only problem was, everyone was busy with either work or school. Meeting was called and cancelled several times until we finally gave up on the party and go have dinner and karaoke night instead. But there was another problem, it was a weekend near Christmas, schools are on break and people from everywhere are now home, and we haven't placed a reservation to places where we were supposed to hang out.

But that didn't stop us from taking our chances. So off we went to a journey. We were split into groups and went to places. A lot of places, we have probably been to every place in Magsaysay Avenue that we can hang out at. As time ticks by and we were all exhausted with all the walking, and waiting we finally decided to go with the best option that we should have decided from the very start and that was to stay at Mark's. We just have to swing by a grocery store for drinks and stuff and we are all ready to go.

It was all worth it the walking, waiting, arguing, reminiscing, walking, waiting, picture takings, sharing (present and future), and all the laughing and of course all the walking. Hahahha. We said our goodbyes after attending an early simbang gabi.

Now let me leave you guys with pictures I have managed to copy from their facebook accounts.

Right after having dinner

With my lmfs, Kae and Tazz. We missed you Fi!

At Nikko's Ark

Opposite Avenue Square

At West Park

At Southills

In front of Beanbag

At West Park

At Avenue Square

At Mark's

I love this picture. Another one at West Park

Hype this on here

That was one special day to share with my precious diamonds. Counting on for more awesome get together(s) this 2013.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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