Martes, Disyembre 10, 2013


I am writing this post at exactly 12m.n. on the 11th of December wishing my not-so-little (literally, since he's 3 inches taller than I am) brother Nino a happy birthday! He just turned sixteen. *Cue in music: Tralalala lalala, Happy Birthday sweet Sixteen! LOL.

As I opened silver (Ara's laptop) to write this post I was totally clueless on what to blog about. Thank God for no need to edit photos, I have a blog to post today. There's nothing much to share since I have been really open how stressed I am in my past blog posts. This would be different. I'll be using the direct to the point approach by bringing the spotlight to the ensemble I've used a few months ago.

We wear polo shirts on Friday but since I already need to replace mine I wore a sort-of business attire on work to one Friday which I got approval from our boss. (Yes. I need to mention that here.) 

Skirt: Ambershoppe, Belt: SM Accessories,
Necklace: LCC Dept. Store Sandals: Primadonna
I know I've worn this skirt several times already and blogged about it once here, but I can't help to use it all over again. You see, this gold hound's tooth print is a rare find. I was really lucky that I've found such, since it's normally in black. Anyway, I liked to keep the classy touch of the gold print so I've decided to bling it up with also gold accessories; a lion head pendant chain necklace, gold watch and white/gold bangle and use a simple white top. 

Also used this open-toe sandals. Overused is an understatement for this. It is definitely my all-time favorite sandals for the year. If I could just wear them to work with our office uniform I've prolly wore it every single day. That's how comfy it is, and how it matches anything, everything.

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think? I wanna hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

P.S. Upcoming posts are going to be brief and short just like this one so I could finally tell you guys about my first giveaway for the holiday season. *Surprise, surprise!

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