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I have always loved cut-outs and silhouettes  with peek-a-boos at the back. ( I'm a sucker for backless ensembles.) But when I have encountered this crop top, the world have suddenly changed. I fell in love with it that I've bought two more colors. I knew it would be perfect for a night out. A subtle exposure of flesh wouldn't hurt. Besides, the long sleeves balances out the lack of fabric of it.

I was supposed to wear this on our office party but I placed my order a bit later than I've expected. But since, there's still a room for a few parties, I reserved it just in case. And I was right when my high school classmates decided to go for a dinner-night out. I knew the top would be perfect. I wasn't sure of what bottom to use though until I've already decided to go with my kitty sneaks.

Top: Ripples by Jenny, Skirt: SM GTW,
Bag: Wbnine Trading and Shoes: Vans x Hello Kitty

Going out with this gang is always a bundle of joy. It's good that this year we already have our reservation. We don't want to end up just like last year when we walked the night away. This year we decided to go to Music box. I was able to showcase the inner concert queen in me. I seriously apologize every time I finish a song. Thank God, for cool friends like them. I haven't heard a single complain. Love you guys!

I came up with this ensemble on a last minute. I was trying out all sort of stuff. Like pairing the top with a high waist denim shorts, a midi skirt then I finally decided to use of my kitty sneaks, I thought of using this skirt of mine. Bought this one months ago from SM Dept. Store under SM GTW brand, Betty, but wasn't able to use it yet. It looked totally awesome with the sneaks on. (I hope so)

Added the 2D bag for a cute factor that goes with my kitty sneaks. Everyone loved it. Got it from Wbnine Trading. I wanted a 2D bag even they boomed with the local bloggers. I saw one sneak peek episode of Kris TV, the one featuring bazaar and online sellers. One of the featured store was Wbnine Trading, for their Philippine made 2D bags. I've got a hold of them on instagram and viola! my Christmas gift bag for myself. What made me extra happy is getting it at a very affordable price and the actual item looks as good as it looks in the picture. Talk about good find!

As for my top, I got them from Ripples by Jenny. Another online shop I found in instagram. They sell trendy items with very affordable price. Almost the same price when you buy it for wholesale in divisoria. Every sassy item has an array of colors to choose from. I got my top in three colors so be ready for the rest of it to be also featured here.

And as I sing the night away, my friends was able to capture epic moments and I wanted to share it to you guys through pictures. (Yes. a lot of them)

Look at that dedicated self there. Lol

With my best guy friend, Darel. He was the photographer for the night.

Kae's turn with a group picture

With Jem, the high scorer of the night.
(Don't worry.We can't believe it either.) Haha. We love you Jem!

Me and Tazz doing a duet.

Adding this to my own pictures of the year!

Dinner at Biggs Diner

With my LMFs <3

Jem, Kae, Me, Krys and Tazz
All my buddies since elementary days!

Another picture with LMF Tazz

After the singing sesh

Jem, Kae, Me and Krys

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think? I wanna hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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