Miyerkules, Disyembre 4, 2013

Holiday Prep

Hey guys! I am back for a brand new post for the month. I have never felt this productive ever since I graduated from school. I kid! Work and my extra-curricular activities has been stressing me out lately actually (not complaining) and it has finally paid off since I am now starting to lose weight. I know it sounds like a bad thing but you see I've been trying (take note of the word "trying") to lose weight ever since my friends and relatives noticed how my arms and cheeks are about to explode any minute. Hahahah! Also, it's working on my advantage that the holiday is fast approaching. By then, there will be plenty of room for food and unwanted fats. *wink*

And as the Christmas holiday approaches, this is going to be my third year on collecting SB planner stickers. I love how I get away with having sweet treats in the afternoon at least once a week by visiting the coffee shop. I can't wait for mine in magenta. I know a lot already got theirs but I'm in no hurry to skip already to 2014 so I'm taking this nice and slow.

Anyway, I am going to share to you guys what I wore to one of my visits.

Shirt: Dream a Little More, Skirt: H&M, Bag: Dooney&Bourke
Belt: SM Kids' Accessories and Sandals: Forever 21

Wore one of my DLM ( Dream a Little More) shirt from the Potterhead Collection, I paired it with an outdated skater skirt. Hahahha. The waist band just looks weird but it helps that it made the skirt look longer. Then of course I got use of my glittered leather sandals from Forever 21. It added the right amount of sparkliness.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you think? I wanna hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

P.S. Upcoming posts are going to be brief and short just like this one so I could finally tell you guys about my first giveaway for the holiday season. *Surprise, surprise!

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