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Hallow(een) Kitty!

And I'm back for another post. December is coming like in 3 weeks and I haven't bought a thing yet on my list. Total crunch time Christmas shopping again this year so I'm making as many posts as much as I can this month while there's still time. Also planning of throwing a blog giveaway next month so stay updated and tuned in.

Today's post though was taken a week ago and the title might have given you already a clue on what to expect but I'm still asking you the question anyway. What do you guys think of besides Christmas when the year have come to the last week of October? If you answered Halloween, then you are right on track. Though I really did not attended a Halloween party when you're required to wear costumes and stuff. I made it as an excuse to wear something well not that costume-y but beyond my basic limits when it comes to dressing up, on the 1st of November.

Top: SM GTW, Shoes: Crocs

Last year I used a full neon top ensemble with matching neon flats. Yes. It was my first time to conquer my fear with anything neon. This year I've decided to show the kid inside me. If you know me that well, you'll know how big of a fan I am of Hello Kitty. And since crop tops are such a hit this year, I decided to debut this cropped shirt with Hello Kitty's face printed on. What I love about this top is the gothic theme of the shirt. The color schemes used and the rock on kitty face says it all. Also, I love how the length of it is just right that it still looks like a normal shirt. (Or my torso is just that short that crop tops look like an ordinary shirt. Hahahah!)

Back to my outfit, I first paired it with my galaxy printed pants but I just couldn't handle the heat that afternoon that I've switched into my DIY studded denim shorts which I regret, since I ended up with mosquito bites (like a dozen). They're now awful looking marks around my legs. So, I'll prolly keep on wear stockings for work and skip wearing shorts or skirts in a week or two. >_<
Anyway, I also noticed that I got all matchy- matchy since I've also worn my Hello Kitty Crocs flats which also captures the same schemes. Like, they were actually made for each other.

I felt like a rockstar sporting this ensemble. I don't know but I've always pictured female rockstars in crop tops especially that the theme was goth-like. Plus, the studded bottoms also added the rockstar vibe. Hahaha!

I wanted to wear a beaded kitty ears headband but Mom reminded me of my age which I totally forgot at that time. Hahaha! I kid. But Mom really did reminded me. Though I got away by snapping a shot or two with it. Okay. Maybe about five shots (sneaky ninja,haha).  Mom even thought that I was wearing a kid's shirt. (Hi Mom! Love you.)

And since, Mom wasn't that of a fan of my kitty ears headband, I opted to go with the metallic pink one instead. I got it as a gift from Ariane, my colleague. I noticed I wouldn't stand wearing one either so I equipped with me a hair tie. I did not accessorize that much since I'm soo into comfort dressing nowadays. Plus, it was a holiday so expect for big crowds and a lot of walking. ahaha!

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you think? I wanna hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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