Lunes, Mayo 13, 2013


I am soo happy and proud of myself that I have been actively updating this blog. hhi. Anyway, I'm here to update you guys with another summer post. We went on a biglaan outing for mother's day with my relatives (mother's side). We went to Peñafrancia Resort soo early just to get a cottage for the family. Talk about sleeping for just a few hours since I stayed up late to finish baking and decorating the cupcakes. (Yes. Besides fashion, I also love cooking and baking.)

Top: R.Dept. Store, Shorts: Galaxy Point, Vest: Thrifted, Sunnies The Vaintage Shoppe
and Sandals: CLN

I planned this ensemble long before summer even started and reserved it for a family outing. I thought floral prints matched with a crochet vest is perfect for summer. I love this vest so much that I almost want to pair it with everything. hahaha. Also, the sunnies. ♥_♥ I have been looking for a pair of these for ages but I always end up disappointed since it always gets sold out before I even place an order. But The Vaintage Shoppe came to the rescue. I love it soo much na kahit umuulan na I'm still wearing it. Okay. I kid. Just indoors. (hahah. mas malala). But you guys should agree how adorable these sunnies are. For the look's color pallete, pastel colors are my thing. So, I know you wouldn't be surprised with which colors I paired with.

Let me now leave you with a few pictures me and my siblings' managed to take.

With my sisy Ara.

With the Fambam

The pool view from our cottage

With my sisy Ara and lil bro Niño

Another candidate for my photo of the year. Taken with just one click.

Also, we went to church after and accidentally, all of us wore blue. hahah. Soo cute! So we have to take a picture. Thanks to the self-timer feature of our digicam.

The banner my sisy made for Mom

Family portraits: Mother'sday special. Blue
We miss you Kuya Jc!

And I also want to share with you guys the cupcakes I made for Mother's Day. (at least, visually.)

Oh yes. Before I wrap up this post I have a joke for you guys.

Me:  Knock, knock.
You: Who's there?
Me:  Ri-crochet
You: Ri-crochet who?
Me:  (singing) I'm bullet proof. Nothing to loose. Fire away, fire away. Ri-crochet take your aim.

*okay that would be enough to embarrass myself.
The title of this post is actually inspired by the song Titanium by David Guetta and my crochet vest. (Obviously)

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to leave comment(s) below. I really want to hear from you guys and don't forget to hype my look here ;)

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

P.S. Notice that I have changed my blog url and title? No? Then, please be noted.
It is now: - Style Diaries by G.Anne

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  1. I love your outfit! The shorts, top, eyewear, sandals! Everything! *u* Keep it up! ;)

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