Lunes, Mayo 6, 2013

Summer Weekend

Photos by Mark, Darel and Criss

I am back for another summer blog post. Hoooray! Me and my Diamond fam (h/s classmates) went out of town for our summer outing. We slept over at Mark's place in Bato then went to Balerite Resort in Buhi in the morning. I was really happy when my Mom and Auntie permitted me to go. You see, when I was still a student, me and my siblings were not allowed to attend sleepovers and swimming outings but now that I am all grown up, I got two thumbs up from them.

Since it was a summer outing, I tried my luck on nautical stripes. For it resembles summer for me. I got this top in a thrift store. It has this awkward length that it could be mistaken as a dress. But since it was a little too short for me I wore shorts and as for the material, it is actually sheer so I also wore a tank top underneath.

It was really hot that day. Good thing I have my trusty sunblock with me. The place was really nice. Although, the water level of the adult pool is a bit too high than the usual. Still, I enjoyed just being with my friends. I hope we could do this every year and take it to the next level. Maybe Bora or Caramoan next year. *fingers crossed* Who's up for that?

Now, let me leave you guys with pictures from Mark's slr. It's way better than my pictures. You guys know me. I would always love to give you what's best. lol

Group picture outside the resort.
L-R: Mark, Me, Tazz, Darel, Kate, Kae, Criss and Guil <3

Welcome! my most unflattering angle.
Excuse my
Picture by the pool. Beautiful bg.

At the garden shed
L-R: Kate, Me, Criss, Mark, Tazz and Kae <3

Again, at the garden shed. hahaha

This ship was actually a swing. Anchors away ang peg niya.

Of course, a picture with my LMFs.
Shout out to Fi, we miss you!

And another at the pool.

Last picture from Mark. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
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Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

P.S. To all students, enjoy the remaining days of your summer vacation! Make every minute count.

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  1. hi!bib:)ngyon ko lng to nakita:)hehehehe
    nice to have you like this page:)two thumbs up for you bib:) thank you for the moments you've share to us:) hope our next outing would be an overnyt:)maybe in caramoan or sorsogon:)hehehe or somewhere kung san gusto ng majority:)hehehe