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Hashtag: Candy Photo a Day

Candy Magazine is celebrating the success of their 150 issues, as they released the 150th this month of April.  As part of this special month, Candy challenged true-blue Candy readers to post a photo on instagram according to the theme of the day. Hence, the hashtag to be used #candyphotoaday. Since, I don't have an instagram account (ikr. so primitive) I posted my first five pictures on twitter but since my 3g connection failed to upload the sixth, since then I haven't uploaded a photo a day. *Whattashame! In short, I failed. To make up for this (if that is even possible), I challenged myself to compile my old pictures instead but still according to the theme of the day.

Here's the theme for each day

To those who doesn't know me, I am a huge fan of Candy Mag. You see, I grew up with glossy pages. My Mom loves collecting magazines and so passed it on to us by buying us Disney Princess Magazines. If I could remember it right, it was Princess Belle as their first ever cover girl. We started with the Disney Princess, then Total Girl and now Candy Magazine. But when my allowance could now afford to buy an issue every month, I already started buying monthly for myself. And so I have built my own collection from my very first (own purchase) from way back Jan-Feb. 2008 I did not miss an issue ever since. 

Back to the photo challenge, let me now start with the very first.

1 #Happy150Candy

Proud reader even already a working girl.

2 Sweet

Brings back childhood memories. *wink*

3 Prints

My fave kind of print. Floral.

4 Summer Hair

Nothing beats fishtail braids as a summer hair style.

5 On your nails

In my case, on my toe nails. Aqua blue. :)

6 Organic beauty

I have always loved nature.

7 Crafty

Arts and craft is my second love. Fashion is first <3.

8 Afternoon Snack 

Nothing beats an afternoon at Starbucks with my planner, green tea frappe
and cinnamon swirl.

9 Happier You

My first ever fortune cookie

10 LOL

My brother sleeps this way. hhi

11 Summer Makeover

After a year, my straight long hair is backkk!
Mom took this photo.

12 Happy Thoughts

This kid right here is my ultimate source of happy thoughts.
Miss you RG! Btw, he's my nephew.
Nins took this photo.

13 Candy Selfie

This is just one of the many Candy selfie  I have.

14 Makes me laugh

On my birthday fooled around with my cousin Ate Clai and my sisy Ara.
Photo taken by K.Mikey

15 Oops Moment

I'm a really bad modern dancer.
Like my body stiffs  whenever I do.
Photo taken by my cuz, Jep D.
during my ballet recital

16 Something Silly

So I posted this on fb on Valentine's Day
just for fun.
Photo taken by Mam Matet

17 Kilig

My friend ordered this for her boyfie. Sweet. Kilig for them!

18 Your Fave Quote

My current fave quote is from Confessions of a Shopaholic:
"There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new."

19 Friday Night

Missing my Friday nights of taking outfit shots after work.

20 Currently Reading

I always love re-reading stuff like this. Very out of this world. hehe

21 Now Playing

This actually reminds me of my current theme song
which is 22 by Taylor Swift. It's on repeat.

22 Super Cute

Ever since SM Dept. store got a Hello Kitty pillow sale,
I bought one by one.

23 Fashion Faux Pas

Look at that hideous bangs ~_~

24 Sunshine

Sun light is my new best friend
when taking outfit photos.

25 Something Fun

I have a thing with cupcakes.
Decorating it is something I do for fun.

26 Chow Time

Hi Kae and Jen!
My friends during my 22nd birthday

27 Style Crush

Of course, my idol Camille Co.
Taken during my first BU, which is the BU3.
I'll be going again this June 1 for BU5.

28 Pink

Matchy-matchy pink nails and bangles.

29 Boredom Buster

Singing in the rain. Kidding.
I actually love taking random photos.
This was taken way back in 2011,
rainy Hong Kong when we had our vacay.

30 Happy Crush

Look at those blue eyes. Okaaay.
I just downloaded this picture on Tumblr. CTO

And that my friends conclude this post. That was hard. Compiling pictures and how to relate them with the theme of the day. I hope you guys like it. 

Will be blogging next about my last weekend outfit and my upcoming summer get together with my Diamond Fam. :D

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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