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Summer Outing with PTC Fam

Hacienda's Cool Wave Complex

It is now officially summer for me since I have just been to a summer outing last weekend. We got to enjoy Naga City's newest Cool Wave Complex of the Haciendas de Naga. It was my first time to swim in a wave pool and I must say, I actually felt that I was in a beach minus the salty water and sand. But, the oh so scorching sun was definitely present. 

This new summer destination is located at Carolina Uptown, Naga City. To those who are worrying on how to reach this, they actually have an every hour shuttle service from 8am- 5pm. You'll just have to call their office for the date and wait in the picking point outside Nagaland E-mall at the E. Angeles Street side.

Picture taken at the office

Wacky pose :D

We stayed at a cabana.

The complex, if I am not mistaken, has twenty (20) cabanas and ten (10) kubos for guests. The facility itself also has Bob Marlin where you can order your snacks, drinks and everything else. Imagine having a nice afternoon dipping into the pool then having one of the best crispy pata ever in the Philippines as your snack or even for lunch.

Before dipping into the pool

I opted to wear something summery of course. Nothing beats the pastel + floral combo. I was wearing a really cute striped two-piece underneath but I am afraid after having lunch, I could not afford to expose my happy tummy. hahaha. 

With my PTC Fam.
Credits to Mr. Enojado

Group picture again by the pool
Credits to Mr. Enojado

Under the bridge
Credits to Ma'am Matet

It was the ordinary sunny Saturday afternoon so we made sure we find a shade whenever Mr. Sunshine is on full- blast. Oh yes, don't forget to put on sunblock and always remember that the higher its' SPF, the longer you could stay under the heat of the sun. But I bet, no one would dare staying too long because it is ridiculously hot.

Enjoying the waves
Credits to Ma'am Matet

Pausing for another group picture
Credits to Ma'am Matet

I just love stolen shots just like this
Credits to Ma'am Matet

Off to Adventure Park

Did I forget to mention? The Haciendas de Naga has several facilities. First, is the Cool Wave Complex, then the Golf Course and the Adventure Park. The golf course is actually just beside the Cool Wave Complex, while we need to take the shuttle service to the Adventure Park. At the Adventure Park, there are tons of activities you can do. You could go wall climbing, fishing, ride a horse/atv, play at their obstacle course, go ziplining, ride bike, take pictures with their larger-than-life size super heroes, animals and dinosaurs and a lot more activities.  For full details and inquiries, check out their page here.

Me with Mia and incredible Hulk
Credits to Mr. Enojado

Now with Iron man. Iron Man 3 now showing. lol

With my PTC fam

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did. I've been wanting to publish this as my official welcome to summer. I am sure coming back to this place maybe in May with my family and friends.

Have a happy summer everyone!

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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