Lunes, Setyembre 15, 2014

Jacket On

As the rain pours that literally washes away our worries from the heat of the sun, it also gives this cozy vibe to stay at home, enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while catching up with your fave tv series you’ve missed while at school or work, or start to read a new book everyone’s been raving about or even have a movie marathon of the Harry Potter Series. Oh gloomy days like this, it makes me want to regret that I was only able to enjoy summer for less than a week. Sigh.

But despite of this, I still feel very blessed that I get to visit places and will get to visit places I want to go to. A few months ago, we've went back to the beautiful city of Baguio to visit my one week old niece. Yes. I now have a niece, a really pretty one.

I told you guys we'd be going back and forth to Baguio. Anyway, we just went for a short visit and the rain was pouring the whole time, so we weren't able to enjoy the outdoors. But we still had so much fun.

For my outfit on our free day, I know I've said that I swore not to wear a skirt to this city but I expected that it would be sunny but it wasn't and it's the only thing I've brought since we were travelling light. I didn't regret it though. It kept me warm throughout our indoor stay. 

I wore denim on denim. It wasn't that of a risk though since it was a completely different shade that the skirt is a printed denim. Underneath my jacket is the long sleeve peek-a-boo top from Ripples by Jenny. Then, I wore my summer sandals from Forever 21, who knew it would still look appropriate with the look. I gave my fave and overused nude sandals a break hence, I've used these pair instead. It is definitely one of the comfiest pairs I have.

This is now the part where I dump you guys with photos during our stay there. To what bloggers call it, behold another photo diary, Baguio short visit edition. Scroll away!

Me with annoyed niece. Hahaha

Look how adorable she looks.

Baguio's freshest flowers

Another picture with my niece, this time, she doesn't look that annoyed. Haha
Lunch at Seafood Island, Camp John Hay

Went bowling at the Baguio Country Club

Me with the winner

Me with Mom again at the Baguio Country Club Cafe

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

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