Huwebes, Setyembre 4, 2014

Spa Day

Top and shorts: Local bazaar, Bag: Mango, and Shoes: CLN

May it be school or work, we all need a breather in order for us to perform our best. Besides from my monthly mani and pedi bonding session with mom, I make sure to also give time for some spa day. Either just a relaxing foot spa or an overwhelming whole body massage, it gives me time to relax and clear my head from my daily grind.

One of the latest trends nowadays are going to spa places. Almost every city has it already and is usually packed on weekends. I was introduced to going to spas ever since I shared to my colleagues how I have this awful back pains. One of the spas I've visited that I very much liked the service is My Spa located at the corner of Penafrancia and MT Villanueva Avenues, where you can also enjoy sauna bathing. And for first timers it is a must that we should be mindful on what we wear. Something we could easily get out and in to. One of the things that comes to my mind are rompers but I opted for something spa-ish vibe.

I usually go with button-down shirts and a pair of shorts but I feel a bit playful and wore a tube-top, a pair of shorts and layered it with a sheer kimono, something that became a trend during summer.

Why did I mentioned that you have to wear something you can easily change into? Well, when you go to spas of course we need to change into robes, to get ready before the massage. In My Spa though you have an option to use their shower room, where the sauna is, before the masseuse starts with the massaging.

And now that I just got home from work, finishing this post, I kinda want to get a massage soon.

For my outfit, the color I focused on is the hint of mustard yellow in my kimono, hence the color of the scalloped shorts. I just added white lace tube top to balance out the color. I also grabbed my overused CLN sandals and Mango sling bag.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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