Huwebes, Pebrero 6, 2014


A day ends quickly when we enjoy the most. That is how I exactly felt when we have come to our last day at Baguio. Technically, it won't be the last since we are definitely going back to visit our new fam.

It was a cold Sunday morning when we had a last minute pasalubong shopping at the market. Then, we went back home and prepared our things. As everyone else is still prepping up, I got the opportunity to get a picture with everyone's favorite, Diesel. He is just the cutest! A really lovable dog.

With everyone's favorite, Diesel!

And also get to sneak at the balcony to take for outfit pictures. Actually, everyone knew I was going to get my pictures taken since I asked permission from Tita Ayda. Hihi. Anyway, the view of the balcony was just breathtaking, you could actually see the downtown of Baguio. I got inspired by it and used it as the background for this shot.

Top: Dream a Little More, Cardigan: True Love-SM GTW,
Jeans: Penshoppe and Shoes: Vans

We were going to have this long trip home which explains how laid-back this ensemble was. Wore one of my DLM shirts which is the Odds shirt, one of their designs for the Hunger Games collection. For more designs, check their site here. Grabbed my cutest striped sheer cardigan that I got from Mom for Christmas, paired it with this skinny jeans leatherette from Penshoppe and to top it all off, put my Kitty Vans sneakers on.

This was actually one of the coldest mornings in Baguio City. It was on the 12th of January when the temperature hit 9.5 degrees C, and it was that sunny. Wished mornings here at home are just as cold in Baguio when you don't need an air conditioner to cool a room. Except that's impossible, I'll prolly just need to wait for the next visit for me to experience it again.

Leaving you guys with a few pictures of me before we left the city.

See the view here?

The famous lion head.

The picture I'd actually believe that I lost a few pounds. Yay!

That is all for this post. I'm making this one short because I don't have that much pictures to show. (I know. I should have known better.) I was having so much fun, I forgot to take as much pictures that I was soo excited to let you guys see. But then, we'll still come back soon and I promise to snap away every action.

Also, you can hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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  1. I love the shirt! I'm a big fan of Katniss. Hihi. :)

    ♡, Didi of Frances and Flair

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    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi Didi! Thank you.
      I'm a big fan of Katniss,too. *apir

  2. Love your cute and lovely cardigan. That's so unique!
    btw, would you like to follow each other? =)