Sabado, Nobyembre 2, 2013

Blue Team

Tada! And I am back for a new blog post. Hello again to a brand new month! Freaking out na I haven't bought anything yet for Christmas or even made a list. Dundundun!

This one post though is long overdue since it was taken last September pa. Hahahah. That's what you get for not bringing your own camera to take your ootd. Actually, I meant to post this a bit later since I'm going to repeat my striped pants. hehe.

Anyway, let me share to you guys what I've worn to one of my LMFs, Kae, birthday celebration. It was a karaoke dinner party so I've decided to go with something simple but still kept it interesting. I know it's too early for this striped pants to come back (see previous post here) but I just can't help to use and post it again. What made this look interesting? (Well for me) It is the fact that I finally had the guts to actually use it as a high waist pants. Even when I am going to a party that has food written all over it, I braved giving emphasis on one of the most unflattering part of my body. Hhi

Anyway, I think pairing it with the right color was plus points to look all the more put together. Choosing a color of the same family was no surprise though, in my case. So to break the monotony, I used my overused open toe nude sandals from Primadonna. Don't worry, I'll give my other babies (shoes) a chance to shine in my upcoming blog posts.

I was afraid I'd look like I got out straight from a time machine from the 70's if I've worn an oversized stack of bangles. So, I opted for the acrylic bead necklace from SM Accessories and a black strap Casio watch instead. I don't want to get lost in translation and make the ensemble look costume-y.

This striped pants from Shopaholic under the SM GTW brand is really one of my comfiest pairs so I danced the night away. Kidding! I actually sat the whole time catching up with friends since I've missed quite a lot after missing dinner outs with them last month. You see, I have been a very good girl lately. Or so I thought I was. I wasn't exaggerating on the comfiest pants though. I've had this old navy button up shirt since college and it works it's miracle every time I want them to. 

And since this was a party I wouldn't waste the opportunity to share to you guys pictures from that night. Thanks to Kae for allowing me to grab a few snapshots from her. I now leave you guys with a few of it, scroll away.

Ending this post with a picture with the birthday girl, Kae. So, you guys might have guessed why choose Blue Team as the title for this post. That last picture answers it for you.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you think? I wanna hear from you guys by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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