Biyernes, Oktubre 25, 2013

Color Block

Yesterday morning, on a jeepney ride, when I was supposed to be freaking out that I'd be late again for work (Yes. This is a first. I never get late twice in a month and the month hasn't even ended yet. *crossing my fingers), I caught myself daydreaming. It seems to be the only escape from all the stress I'm getting, besides from reading and writing/sharing/blogging. Because even in my sleep I'm haunted with the things I have been worrying about which I'm too embarrassed to share here. hhi

The past few weeks have been really stressful for me. It seems that I 'm always too tired but can't sleep early, which makes me wake up late than the usual, hurry to get ready ending up to forget things and worst getting to work late. I was never the good old Miss Punctual type but I dread coming late. I don't like making people wait for me, and vice versa. That's the big lesson I learned from all the group project meetings I had when I was still in school 'cause you'll end up with zero output. Being on time was no trouble for me until now. What's worrying me the most is that it might grew on me and I just can't allow that to happen ever. Also, I can't seem to find the root of all this, and the bipolar weather is making it twice as stressful. *sigh

With all the things I have been blabbering above, it has all come to this, an outfit post. *Insert laughing self here.

I know, I know. It has nothing to do whatsoever with me being all stressed-out. Although, it (dressing up) has been a way for me to cope up with it. I just needed an outlet for all these. I know the 140 characters limit of twitter and over a hundred unknown friends in facebook won't be able to handle all the drama. Just think of this post as a selfie with an inspirational quote as a caption that has nothing to do whatsoever with the picture that we deal with everyday. Hahahha!

Anyway, besides from the thing that I am caught up with lately, I also want to share to you guys what I wore to a weekend short visit to my Aunt and Popsi and also my grandparents.

Top: Alixandre, Shorts: Local Dept. Store, Shoes: SM Dept. Store

I wore this hot pink loose top that I have for a while now. Decided to color block by accessorizing the top with aqua blue (bag and necklace). I usually pair this top with jeans but since I seldom get to wear a pair of shorts, I opted to go with it. I picked my high waist buttoned shorts in white to balance out the color. Then, got my aztec printed flats from Solemate out for a walk. Missed my nude sandals? You'll see them back soon.

I do hope I didn't wasted the last two minutes of spending time reading my blog. That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you guys think? I wanna hear from you by leaving comment(s) below. Also, don't forget to hype my look here.


Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xxx

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