Biyernes, Nobyembre 9, 2012

Dear Santa

I have long made my Christmas list when the Ber month started but just decided to post it now since I can already feel the holiday season coming with all the decorations at home, workplace and even just seeing people carrying big bags filled with decors and even a Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas tree, what's that thing underneath it that makes us all happy, excited? Yes. I'm here to blog about presents and this is my Christmas wish list to my real life Santas.

Dear Santa,
I am a big fan of shoes and I want a pair of a glittered foxy and a suede cap toe pumps. You see, I'm starting to collect shoes not only for me but also for my sister. (Oh diba! Pang nice list ang dating. lol)
Love, Shoe Lover Bib

Glittered Foxy
Suede Cap Toe Pumps

Dear Santa,
I first heard of this Fashionary when I attended the Blogger's United 3 last June and got interested with it when Crissey Si reviewed it here. I wished of becoming a fashion designer and I believe this would make me a big step closer to be one.
Love, Dreamer Bib

Fashionary Pastel Limited Edition
Look at that Pink one, it's like calling my name.

Dear Santa,
You know how I am a big fan of SNSD or the Girl's Generation. (Believe me I know every lyric in their biggest hit, Gee song). I heard (actually read it online) that they're coming to Manila for a concert and reality just hit me that I must go to this event. ( Hahahha. feeling vip lang.) I am not asking for a ticket or for a sponsor (but if there's one, I'd be glad to take it.) but I am asking you to guide me for me to be able to save to buy a ticket.
Love, Fan girl Bib

Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert Poster

Dear Santa,
I love shopping. There's no doubt about that. But I love shopping more in 168 mall and most especially at the Blogger's United Bazaar. Meeting my fave bloggers and shopping at the same time was just a perfect combination. Goin to a place that you could buy more than what you think with your money is also a jackpot. I just wished that this trip of mine before Christmas would push through. But I haven't even sent this to you, you already gave me a sign that it is possible.
Love, Shopper Bib

BU 4 widget

That's just a short list my friends. If I post all my letters to Santa it would take years for me to finish not to mention these are just material things, the non material wishes are even longer. Anyway, I know not everyone believed in Santa but I did until I caught my Mom where she hid the presents. Yet, I must say that I still believe in Santa Claus,just not the big guy in a red suit with white beard version. Santa's actually the person in our parents that keeps us rewarded for being in the nice list. Okay, even when we're in the naughty list still counts (sometimes). But everyone should remember that Christmas is not about presents but Jesus Christ himself. And we should always, I tell you always remember that not only in our mind but also in our hearts.

And that's what I'm wishing for this Christmas. You guys are free to share to me your ultimate wishes by leaving a comment below or if you're a blogger and already blogged about it, feel free to leave me links.

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xx

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