Linggo, Nobyembre 25, 2012

When Lightning Strikes

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This is one of the boldest accessories I have worn ever. So when my mom saw me wearing it she made fun of it like I might get struck by a lightning that's why I thought it might be fair to use it as the title. Moving on. I actually wore this when me and my family watched The Amazing  Spider-Man at SM. I was having trouble pairing this cutesy cropped tee with everything in my closet until I found this old white romper I once used for an outing. I love how I get to use my old clothes by pairing them with the new ones.

Top & Romper: Gaisano Mall Dept Store, Necklace: All Things Pretty,
Bag: Primadonna, and Ballet Flats: Parisian Comfit

A closer look of my accessories
The movie made my day because of the gorgeous Andrew Garfield that I have been crushing on ever since his first big break with The Social Network movie. I soo envy Emma Stone. Anyway, back to my outfit. This was just one of the looks I'd love to repeat over and over again since it's comfy and at the same time the injected metallic pieces gave the spark that truly shows my love for accessorizing. 

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