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My Early 2012 Lookbook Posts and the stories behind them

I was kinda busy earlier this year for school since I was graduating but still managed to upload outfit shots on lookbook. Hahaha. I know and yet I complain how soo little time I have for school works. Anyway, because of the soo called "Soo little time" I did not manage to post blogs about all of it. But luckily, I am now given the opportunity to do so. So let's get the ball rolling.

Hello 2012!

DIY Detachable Collar, Pink and Blue tube dress from Parklane,
Stack of Bangles from F2M and Ballet flats from SM Parisian 
I was suppose to wear a black polka dot long sleeve and purple tutu for the New Year's Day but things didn't worked out when the sun is up and my sister was going to wear the tutu (It's actually hers. So I have no choice.) I needed to pick an outfit an hour before leaving for church and to visit my dad. (It's also my Dad's death anniversary) And this dress just popped into my mind. This is my sister's old dress but she doesn't use it anymore so I decided to wear it. I love how the detachable collar made the look more romantic. Everyone loved the lace-y feel of this outfit of mine. 

Executive for a Day

Grey Lace Top from Ambershoppe, Grey Charcoal Skirt from Landmark,
Lace Peep toe heels from SM Elegance
This wasn't my first choice either. This picture was taken after my essay writing competition during the RVC-JPIA Mid Year Convention last October 1,2011. During that day we were required to wear our business attire. Imagine me wearing this uncomfortable heels walking around the Ateneo de Naga campus. Gosh. I'm in pain throughout the day but I still had soo much fun. Going back to the topic that this wasn't my first choice. I couldn't find the purple dress that I was goin to wear so my mom assembled this combi for me. Worked out pretty well I must say.


Black sleeveless top, High-waisted short from Pink Apple,
Sling convertible bag from Primadonna and Floral flats from Solemate 
My sisy Ara was going to render a song number at a school event at Naga College Foundation and decided to tag along with them since I didn't want to stay home alone. Anyway, this is the first time I have ever worn short shorts in public. I did wore shorts before but never this short. But I just want to try something new.

Glittering Night 1

Brass Collar necklace from Trendy Options, Bangles from F2M,
Mint Green Lace Dress from Cocoy Ebio Couture and
Gold Glitters Peep toe Heels 
I have long waited to borrow this dress from my cousin, Cocoy Ebio, his dress shop is located near USI main gate in Jacob Extension. Finally the day of Senior's Night came. I was all giddy that I got to use this beyond beautiful dress. I even bought the necklace and shoes just for the sake of this outfit. The soft curls also added an oomph factor with the whole look. Had so much fun with my batch mates here especially with my fellow batch officers of CBA since we have prepared this event for our batch. I was exhausted at that time since we decorated the venue and was specifically assigned for the awards to be given (meaning the trophies, sash and certificates to be given away) that we stayed at the venue til 4pm when the event starts at 6pm. I know. It was a challenge for me to take a rest, get my hair and make-up done,all at the same time but  made it just on time. Time management baby. ahahha. The theme of our party was actually Red Carpet and thought this dress was perfect. Everyone just loved it.

Birthday Lunch

Pinkish Printed short dress, Sling convertible bag from Primadonna,
and Pink ballet flats from SM Parisian
Our yearbook pictorial fell on the same date of my birthday. Lucky me. I was a bit upset of this since it was the first day of shoot for our department, there were soo many who wanted to get their picture already just like me and we're the first department to be shoot. There were still minor problems that the photographers and make-up artists encountered. First is the power interruption all throughout the afternoon and there were only two make-up artists compared to a ratio of more than a hundred students. But still, my family and friends made my day when we had lunch together at Shakey's. Would you believe that I started waiting for my turn for the shoot from 9am then got my picture taken at 6pm. Yeah. I was super annoyed I almost cried.  What a way to celebrate my birthday but my friends was there to cheer me up. So no biggie. After the shoot, I went straight to ADNU to attend the Talent Competition of AOG 2012 where I was one of the judges. That made my day, since I was with my best pals ever Tazz, Kae and Fi. <3

Tribute to Seniors 2012

Hello Kitty watch necklace from Melmed Shop,
Colorful Jaguar Print dress, bangles from F2M
and ballet flats from SM Parisian
I went to our Tribute given by the incoming 2012-2013 JPIA officers aka. Accleons wearing this. We were specifically given the instruction to wear something inspired by K-Pop or J-Pop. I love this look of mine since I sported my super kikay side since K-Pop fashion is all about standing out. I stacked my bangles, worn a long chain necklace, two cocktail rings, a belt to accentuate my waist and a tiara headband. Over accessorizing but not ott (over the top). Balancing is the key :)

And that's a wrap. I have made this post exclusive for my early 2012 posts when I was still a school girl. For my working girl posts, Naks! I would definitely make a separate post for each outfits. And they're coming soon. Thanks for reading! Feel free to drop some comments below. And please do hype this looks. Just click the photo and it will bring you to the lookbook page. :)

Much Love,

Glitter kisses! xx

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