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Big Comeback

I have been very busy the past six months because of graduation and job hunting. And alas! I have succeeded. I landed as a bank teller for a universal bank here in Naga City. Anyway, I decided to blog again now that I have a spare time. For the next few days/weeks I will tackle everything that I am crazy about and my fashion item favorites. *Egzoiting!*

This first entry of mine as a comeback I will share to your our own work of art as me and my sister may call it. Personal grooming is one of the things people do (especially the ladies) on a regular basis. In order for us to maintain the neatness of our body, we treat our hair, practice personal hygiene and also make sure our nails and toenails are neat and clean. As for me and my sister, we grew up enjoying having mani and pedi's together. And as years have gone by the so called "Nail Art" was introduced to us.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Nail Art started 3000 years Before Christ, when Chinese used enamel on their fingernails? #JustSayin

My sister and I started getting nail stamping services from a small boutique in our town. We were fascinated how they do it. We were asked to choose two colors, one for the base and the second for the color of the design to be stamped. The designs are engraved in metal plates which will serve as the stencil of the design to be stamped. Their stamping kits are composed of rubber stamp, scraper and the metal design plate.

The result of the nail stamping defines fine lines and complicated designs and structures that you'll be amazed.  It is also an easy way to make layers and patterns. It usually stays for 1-2 weeks. Later on, stamping kits were now available in the market that's why me and my sister decided to do our own nail art stamping to ourselve

These are sample of unique nail art design stamps I found online.

These are my sample of masterpiece through nail stamping. Voila!
Me and my sister were totally crazy for floral designs.

The other type of nail art we tried was the digital nail art. You are asked to choose a design from the printed designs and then they'll tweak something in the computer and you'll put your hand inside a machine that serves as the printer of your chosen design. 

The result of the digital nail art is just like printing a picture in a piece of paper but instead of paper it's printed on the nail. It is more colorful since what you see is what you get for this type of nail art.  The only downside of this is that it's quite messy sometimes since the design adjusted to the nails are not always perfect and it only lasts for a week since it is also easily washable. 

This is a sample I took online.

Another nail art we tried is by making use of 3D nail stickers, sequins and fimo sticks. It is really simple and convenient since you can do it to yourself. The sequins and fimo sticks make use of nail glue for it to stay on the nails. 

The result of using this type of nail accessories is convenient since it is very available in the market. They're really cheap. In fact, I just bought 4 packs of 3d nail stickers (different designs) for a hundred pesos only from the very famous 168 Shopping Mall. They also have fimo sticks there. It lasts for 2-3 weeks especially if you put a top coat every week so it stays longer.

My latest masterpiece. (And what I mean by latest is I just had this on last night before I slept.hhi)
Bought these stickers from Marj Sia at the Blogger's United 3.

My take on the use of fimo sticks. In this case, I used yummy and juicy looking apples.

And last but not the least. We tried the real nail art. Where you will expose your creativity and patience. (Yes! patience. Since it takes time and lots of practice to perfect this type of nail art.) The most essential things to be used in this type of nail art are dotting tools, stripe-r and lots and lots of different color of nail polish. We learned how to do nail art through Youtube video tutorials. Our fave is Cute Polish's site

The results depends on your creativity. I usually ask my sister to do mine since she's more of the artsy person but I also learned to do it to myself. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to stay on. It's quite fun since you discover new designs. We make use of alternative dotting tools like toothpick, hairpins. But now, nail art tools are already very available in the market.

These are just a few of my sister's masterpiece.

My very first attempt of nail art: nail strawberries.
I toldya my sisy is the artsy 

This is one of my sister's most beautiful master piece. She actually just experimented with my nails and this was the result. She made use of both the "real" nail art and fimo sticks. 

There are still lots of nail art in the market that I personally haven't tried yet but heard it a couple of times. The cracked nails, magnetic nail polish, tattoo nail art and many more that I have to explore.
For me, getting nails groomed are just one of the few things that also matters in fashion 'cause it also follows trends. It also shows our personality but it doesn't necessarily mean that we should always wear nail polish on. That would definitely damage our nails. What I mean is we can have our nails just clean and even with no polish is considered a grooming for nails. Just making it clean is more than enough to show our own personality.

Until the next blog post!
Soo eqzoited to share to all of you my other fashion faves and my experience of going to the Blogger's United 3 Bazaar.

Much love, AnDi

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