Biyernes, Disyembre 9, 2011

My Definition of Fashion

Fashion is a way of expressing emotions. It is a label of a individual's personality. It's not always about looking pretty and wearing signature clothes, it's actually our own different way of feeling pretty no matter what you're wearing.  It is the art of showing who you are to the world.

As a young individual like me, fashion inspirations is a-must. I get ideas from fashion bloggers Mayo Wo of Mellow Mayoness, Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista, Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog and Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia Will Go Places. They blog on their lookbook/chictopia posts and other things they do and want to share about fashion and everything else. They inspired me to make lookbook and chictopia accounts and to make a fashion blog like this. <3

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Much Love, AnDi

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