Lunes, Hulyo 9, 2012

Fashion Fave Thing: Accessorizing

Accessorizing for me is putting a cherry on top of a sundae. It's the final touch to everyone's outfit. As for me, I make sure to wear at least one either a pair of earrings, a connector ring, a necklace or stacks of bracelets/bangles. But nowadays, stacking/piling up accessories is now becoming a trend. (Kaya join na din ako! hahah)

A miracle happened yesterday that I got motivated to organize my accessories. Believe me. Being busy the past few months made my clothes and accessories disorganize.

And while I am sorting all this stuff. I came up on making a blog post of my fave accessories.
I want to share to all of you my top 4 fave accessories.

Button Bracelets
These are one of my fave accessories, Tada! The button bracelets. It is actually a local product of F.A.R.M (Fabulously and Absolutely Rural-Made) in Baao, Camarines Sur. I find these bracelets really unique 'cause it reflects how creative Bicolanos are.

Cocktail and Connector Rings
My friends and family wouldn't understand why I'd love wearing connector rings. They find it weird 'cause you can't move two fingers if you're wearing the ring. For me, they add spice to one's outfit. It makes my mani look nicer especially if it is for an outfit shot. hahahahha. I got the silver feather from Parklane, the silver bow from F2M, the brown mustache and five star from ShopOJewels, the red mustache ring was a gift from Anagon when I bought one of her wire headbands and the rest are from tiangge stores.

Long Chain Necklaces
Addition to my long chain necklace collection.
(L-R)  Pink macaroon from Just G, mustache, deathly hallows,
hunger games and HP necklaces all from Personalized Accessories.

I've always love vintage looking stuffs. That's why I fancied brass long chain necklaces with cutesy charms and pendants. The black owl and robot necklace was one of my firsts. I got them from F2M. Then the red owl and HK (Hello Kitty) necklace, actually a watch when you open HK, I got it from Melmed Shop. Others I got from tiangge stores. I love wearing these necklaces with simple and plain tops. It also helps my torso look longer since the chain elongates the body. hehehe. (I'm a shorty kasi).

Silver Collar necklace from  All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi

Brass Peter Pan Collar necklace from Trendy Options

Embelished Collar Necklace from  All Things Pretty by AnDi & ArDi 

Lace Detachable Collar by Me (Yes! made from scrap of lace.)

Red with White Polka Dots Detachable Collar that I bought from Kyz Uy at the BU3

Blue Shimmery Detachable Collar that I also bought from  Kyz Uy  at the BU3 
Yes. Right now. Detachable collars are my thing. I love wearing simple pieces that needs an oomph! factor. And this detachable collars made me standout from the crowd even just paired with a simple shirt and jeans on. The collars speaks for the whole outfit. I also love wearing them with tube tops. You can see it here on my lookbook account. 

What are you guys waiting for? Hype 'em! Hype 'em! Hype 'em!
And that's all for tonight. My next blog post will be about my BU3 experience and the launch of me and my sisy's online shop. Yay!

Much Love, AnDi

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