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Christmas Outfit

On a very early Sunday morning before I drafted this post I watched “Pursuit of Happiness” with my husband. He fell asleep while I am still wide awake and finished the movie. I was having a lot of thoughts lately of work, my family and life in general. It seemed to keep me awake so I decided to start today earlier than the usual, just 2 hours earlier though.

I saw unwashed feeding bottles, our messy room, and felt my stomach rumbling for food. Instead of washing bottles, tidying our room up or grabbing a sandwich downstairs, I decided to open our closet and try on my outfit for Christmas day. Yes, I still look forward to dressing up for this very special season that I shop for it weeks or even months before. I always wanted to try it on but I haven’t seemed to get the chance to. And so, I wore this absolutely beautiful top and slip into this equally beautiful bottom. You’d have to wait for my Christmas outfit post to know and actually see it. I am no way spoiling you with this post. Ha! And then I looked at myself in the mirror, it looks exactly what I pictured it to be. I was in awe. My face was glowing with joy. After a few more minutes of staring at myself in the mirror, I finally decided to take it off already and carefully put it back hung in my closet. But then it struck me, I haven’t gotten anything for my New Years day outfit and the days ticking by, countdown getting closer and closer to Christmas and New Year. Oh no! So I opened my closet again looking at my clothes. I was thinking. Thinking of coming up with outfit my family hasn’t seen before. I had a light bulb moment.  I had this skirt that I haven’t used yet. I got it from my aunt’s old pile of clothes she hasn’t used in years. I decided to keep it because it was my size and I loved it. Then I looked at a dress my mom gave me that she hasn’t used yet. It was of same color but with a different shade. I decided to use the dress as a top and wore the skirt. It looked absolutely amazing how it worked too for me. I was again in awe. And from then on I tried every ensemble I could think of at that very moment.

I have lot of clothes that I never have worn because of reasons like impulse buying because of sale, ill-fitting because I refused to try it on, and clothes that I really loved but doesn’t have any existing wardrobe matching it. I already trimmed down my list of clothes never been used, pairing it with existing ones. I was truly amazed by the ensembles I have come up with. It was all on point. (Patting myself in the back.)

And with all these thoughts I had in mind, it made me realize a lot of things. Warning! The next few statements are quite melodramatic. Hahahaha! Please bear with my sentimental early morning self. I realized that in order to correct or change yourself for the better, you don’t actually always need to have new things. You have certain skills to begin with that you haven’t used yet, might as well expand your horizon by using them. I’ve gone through rough days at work the past few months and I will not be torn down by this minor bump. (Patting myself again in the back for being able to say it.

I also realized that my lil girl have grown so much already. Last Sunday, on the way home, she was talking non-stop, repeating words, calling me and her Dada, reciting every family member’s name, and random stuff like nanay, tatay, papay. Hahahaha! It was so fun to hear her being talkative and all. I feel so bless with my family. It makes me love weekends and holidays hundred times as more.

Also, I realized that I very much deserve a sandwich after all that mind boggling dressing up game. Ha! I can’t believe I actually pulled off inserting my PBJ sandwich at the end.

And as I made the draft of this post, I actually realized that I lack ootd pictures and Polyvore is quite a big help in making my blog posts lately. And I’m going to make use of it again for this post.  I want to share Christmas inspired outfits since it’s fast approaching and parties are here and there. Feast your eyes with sets I made with Polyvore. Spoiler Alert! I was inspired by the good old Christmas carol songs.

I have been caught up by the metallic pleated skirts and wrap dresses trend lately which explains the sets I made. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.

That is all for this post. Please don't forget to drop by my polyvore account here. You might heart every set I made. Pun intended. *wink*

Love, AnDi xx

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