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A Knotch Higher of Confidence

A few days ago, on a very boring afternoon, I was flicking through the channels of the television when I came across one playing the movie with the title "Fallen". I was scared at first since it was Halloween month that it's a type of scary movie that gives me nightmares. But when I told myself why not watch something I've never have heard of and just give it a try. So, I decided to stick around watching it. It didn't gave the slightest disappointment, in fact, I actually love the movie and I'm searching if they have a sequel of it.

I have this same feeling when trying on new trends and styles. I always get away by sticking to my go-to pieces. I told myself that I'd have to face them by actually embracing insecurities so I could try and think out-of-the-box ensembles. Confidence is the key in getting out of your comfort zone. That's why I gathered all my over the top looks to help you inspire on trying a piece in your closet you haven't used yet because your fashion fear is putting them aside.

Let me show you some of my old looks taking out my confidence to a whole new level. 

My style is downright conservative that's why I consider this look challenging, exposing my legs and my shoulders. I tried to balance it out with a neutral color of skater skirt with a loud print top. I gave myself a pat in the back when I wore this to a stroll at the mall with my family.

This was a pretty eccentric look for me. It's all in neutral colors but the way I paired it with metallic items made it to this list. It was all just out of my comfort zone. I dared myself to wear it on a Sunday movies night with the family.

This looks pretty ordinary but when you look at my accessories and booties, it just shouts over the top. I wore this on a family gathering. This was the time when neons was in when it comes to accessories. I paired it with neutrals. I swallowed my shyness when I wore this. 

This was a weekend with family. I wore a really show stopping chandelier earrings pairing it with my ragged look. It worked so well with my curly hair. I admit though that I used my hair a few times to cover them but I felt really pretty wearing this ensemble. 

My Aunt and Popsi was shocked when I wore this one day to church. I felt shy at first but I loved the idea of wearing tights underneath dresses and shoes + heels combo, so I braved wearing them. I looked like a school girl though. 

This was a pretty bold look wearing a floral crown with an overly dramatic dress with lace hemlines. I wore this on New Years Day. I had a few heads turning giving my look a second glance but still love how I look like a real life fairy shopping at a mall. 

Building confidence is quite a tough job when you are not supported. That's why I loved the idea of Dia&Co. having a Try-Day-Friday for individuals to face their fashion fears. Dia&Co is a shopping destination showcasing plus sizes 14+. Plus size or not we all have our own insecurities and boundaries when it comes to our style. But that does't mean that we'll just let these insecurities get in our way of new or old style. That's why I support Dia & Co in building up confidence in everyone.

It has been fourteen (14) months since I gave birth and I have gained a lot of weight ever since. I even have bulges in my tummy showing, stretch marks that didn't faded and a lot more. I haven't gotten my pre-pregnancy body back. But that did not stop me from going out of my comfort zone. In fact, I recently purchased a low scoop back lace dress online and I can't wait to wear them and share them here.

Today is Try-Day-Friday. What fashion fears have you faced today? I'd love to hear them by leaving your comments below.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Love, AnDi xx

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