Sabado, Disyembre 16, 2017

Holiday Rushing

Last Saturday, I got my nails done and eyelashes permed. I had “me” time while my husband was thrilled to watch over our daughter all afternoon. I decided to take a stroll in the mall. It was such a bad idea considering it’s only a few weeks before Christmas day. The mall was packed. There were lots of people lining up to pay for their items bought, lots of people lining up in the dressing room, lots of people lining up in the bathroom, and when I left the salon it was full in a matter of 2 minutes. Everyone is rushing, Holiday rushing. I got a bit worried because I haven’t bought a single item on my Christmas presents list. So I decided to take a peek if the items I’m going to buy are still there. I felt relieved seeing it all still available. No one seemed to get the same items for Christmas as I will be after all, which is a good sign.  

Today, my post will be about getting through a holiday rush. Every year I tell myself not to shop in a rush which I always still do until now. But with the years gone by, it taught me a few strategies to ace the ultimate holiday rushing since it is the season of sharing.

My first tip is to list down everything. Make a Christmas presents list, their alternatives, places to go to, grocery shopping list, dates of parties to attend to, etc. It is important to be organize to consume lesser time in choosing which present to get for your loved ones, the same with grocery items to get. Also, always list down alternatives just in case you run out of the items on your list in order to decide easier which one to grab, leaving the mall not empty handed. Besides from the list of the items, I also list down where the items are bought, so you’ll be able to grab all the things you need within the same area.

My second tip is to go to unholy hours at the mall. Christmas season means extended mall hours. If you live nearby, or mall is accessible to your home, why not going to the mall at 7 o’clock in the evening or any time before 10pm or 11pm on a weekday and you’ll see the difference with shopping on a weekend.

My third tip is for the online shoppers. Make sure that you purchase items 2 weeks before Christmas since shipping takes longer on this very busy season. Also, to avoid returning the items, I make sure to be specific with the style, size and color of the items before checking out your shopping bag or cart. Also, I double check my shipping address and contact number to avoid unshipped items. The shipments are prone to errors when it is this busy.

My fourth tip is to give out gift certificates, vouchers or cold cash. This is the easiest and laziest way to ace that holiday rushing. You’ll need two things to get ready for this, money envelopes and crispy new bills. Another tip for this is to get your money changed in bank a few weeks before Christmas because believe it or not, banks ran out of new bills, too.

Now I leave you guys, with a photo a few years ago channeling White Christmas.

That is all for today’s post. On my next post, (Hopefully, I’d be able to post it before Christmas) I’ll be posting about gift wrapping and personalizing items.

Love, AnDi xx

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