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Seasonal Dressing: Autumn

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. There are four seasons. In the case of sunny Philippines, we only have dry and wet season but that won't stop me from dressing to Fall season. Autumn or Fall season is the transition between summer and winter. The breeze gets colder, the climate is more cloudy and the temperature drops not too low as winter season. In our country, it is somewhat similar to what we experience during wet season, adding the rainy days. 

When it comes to dressing up during a gloomy weather, I find it my fave season since I get to work with long-sleeves shirt, good tailored blazers, colored tights, scarfs, and even a hat. Of what array of choices I have for my outfit of the day. i am actually Fall season biased because of this. 

For this particular post, I'll be sharing to you three sets of mood board when dressing for Fall season.

My first mood board is composed of a peter pan collared long-sleeves dress, a pair of tights, a classic leather sling bag, a beret, and a pair of brogues. It has this classic and preppy twist. Whenever I want to be safe with my look, I turn myself as a total geek. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I'm a proud geek myself, topping all my looks with my eyeglasses. This dress from H&M is one of those LBD you can wear anywhere to. I could wear this to work or church days. I always cover my legs with a pair of  stockings or tights because of my mosquito bites. But if your not a fan of it, you can opt for a pair of socks. And when I say pair of socks, it's not just plain white socks, you can wear colored ones, or better yet laced or printed socks. As for the brogues, they are my go-to flats. When I was in college, I have them in different types; glittered, floral and leather. But if you don't like wearing one, you could always use a pair of ballet flats or mary janes. 

For my second mood board, it includes a scarf, white crisp shirt, a long vest, skinny jeans and a pair of pumps. This look means business. It can be worn for work, meetings, family gatherings, even a stroll at the mall. The list is endless. This look is another classic take on basics. A white crisp shirt, pair of jeans, nude pumps are match made in heaven. I just added a scarf and long knitted waist coat from NAVABI.CO.UK for an added drama to this look. These are my favorite pieces from this ensemble. As an alternate for the scarf, you could wear a statement necklace instead. 

And last but not the least, my final mood board for this post has a turtle neck ribbed top, an overlap skirt, tweed blazer and a knee-high boots in it. If my first two looks are both classic, this is a bolder one. It has superstar written all over it. This look can be worn for get-togethers, work events, even when traveling. What I love about this look is the tweed blazer from It balances out the superstar vibe of the outfit. If your not a fan of knee-high boots, you could always opt for a pair of booties wearing tights underneath the skirt. It would work either way. 

Besides from the dark hues color palette, have you noticed another common thing about them? If you answered gold earrings, then you got it right. 

A classic pair of gold earrings never gets old. You can wear it dressing to the nines or during an ordinary casual day. I have been eyeing a lot of pieces from AUrate New York. Besides that the jewelries they make are made of ethically sourced materials, every purchase made with AUrate benefits economically disadvantaged school children. What's not to love about wearing jewelries while helping out those in need? 

This is what I love the most when dressing up. You get to look good and people who are in need benefit from it. Fashion for a cause, indeed. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Love, AnDi xx

Disclaimer: all photos are created by me with POLYVORE

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